An evil Rat Prince has freed the evil Yo Wicked Wings to fight Gabba Land.

Plot Edit

The film begins when DJ Lance's (Lance Robertson) wife, Princess Winnie (Regina King), and her baby daughter, Princess Robyn (Mary Gibbs), say "hello" to the kids and tell them today is Robot Day. It is the day for the Gabba gang to learn all about robots with wires, magic beams and electricity. Meanwhile, DJ Lance, Plex, DJ Junior, Leah and Katie Mealey are planning to put up a party for Robot Day and Plex tells the kids to wear a robot t-shirt. Foofa (Emma Jacobs) comes and asks DJ Lance why everyone is celebrating Robot Day. DJ Lance reminds her one of the Gabba Land friends is a robot and Foofa understands that.

Later Muno (Adam Deibert) tells Brooklyn Borgquist and Imani Pullman that there is a parade based on their favorite show, Happy Hippos. The Happy Hippos are coming down all street routes giving out prizes for kids in the best happy hippo costume. They get into their costumes and wait. But there isn't one

In the Zoower, an evil Rat Prince who is Dark Blue Cat's greedy cousin is planning to kill Plex and and the Gabba gang. His first plan is to free the evil fairies from the wormhole and he did. He frees the Yo Wicked Wings members, Red Devil, a red fairy, Meganemis, a teal fairy, Scoreh, a yellow fairy, Sprout, a little green fairy, and Darth Wicked, a black fairy. Rat Prince tells them to do something to kill Plex and his friends. The Wicked Wings gang agree with that and so they go.

Back at Gabba Land, when Toodee (Erin Peirce) is cleaning up everything for the party, Yo Wicked Wings come to visit. Toodee tells Plex (Christian Jacobs), Brobee (Amos Water), Foofa and Muno there is an evil fairy in Gabba Land and Plex remembers them when he was a kid because many years ago, the evil fairies killed his parents with pitchforks and torches. So DJ Lance banished them in the wormhole. Darth Wicked explains to the Gabba gang that Rat Prince has freed them all and reminds them his boss is going to kill Plex and his friends. Plex is not going to let that happen, so he asks the evil fairies to go away and never to come back to Gabba Land again. And so, Yo Wicked Wings go back to the Zoower.

After the evil fairies leave, the Gabba gang promise each other not to tell anybody that Rat Prince wants Yo Wicked Wings to kill Plex on Robot Day. After that, Sean Kingston comes and shows the Gabba gang a Dancey Dance called "The Mini Spinney." Then the Gabba gang tell him to not tell anybody that Rat Prince is going to kill Plex and the rest of them.

Then suddenly, Rat Prince sends Martha the Mean Giraffe (voiced by Sally Field) to kill everybody. DJ Lance and the Gabba gang discover her and try to shoo her away, but they cannot do it. Martha is telling them that Rat Prince is her boss and they will be taken to the Zoower to be killed by him immediately. Plex does not understand that Rat Prince is trying to get rid of his wires, magic beams and electricity after he turns the Gabba gang into evil robots.

Just then The Jungle Heroes come to the rescue and tell Martha to go away. After Martha leaves, The Jungle Heroes members, Carzan, Talula, Alfafa, Seeka, and Clairbear, tell the Gabba gang that they already know Martha. Many years ago, she never loved everybody when her parents died. So she lives with her evil grandparents and the Gabba gang understands that.

After that, the Gabba gang call their three trusty friends, Rocky, Bullwinkle and Karen Sympathy and tell them how to stop the evil fairies. Karen explains they have to use their magic swords to fight them off. Rocky also tells them after beating the fairies, they will tell them not to act evil like Rat Prince. Bullwinkle then says to them that they made Dracula, Lord Tigress, Dark Blue Cat and Lady Ivy not to be evil and the Gabba gang understands that, so Plex trains his friends to fight Yo Wicked Wings with their magic swords.

Back at the Zoower, Martha tells Rat Prince that The Jungle Heroes had save the Gabba gang and Rat Prince is not too happy. Darth Wicked tells Rat Prince that he and the fairies have created a female robot called Lady Violet Robot (voiced by Scarlett Johansson) and Rat Prince likes that idea. He tells Darth Wicked to go inside of Lady Violet Robot's body to control her to trick Plex.

When DJ Junior with Robyn came to the Gabba gang they saw Plex is training his friends to fight Yo Wicked Wings. But Toodee told DJ Junior to keep a secret that Rat Prince had free the evils fairies, but DJ Junior didn't realizes that those fairies are the thing that Buzz and Elmer had turn Yo Gabba Gabba into Yo Wicked Wings now Rat Prince had free the real Yo Wicked Wings and plan to kill Plex and his friends. Plex also tell DJ Junior that they already phone Rocky, Bullwinkle and Karen to help them to use the magic sword and turn the evils fairies into good fairies and DJ Junior promis not to everybody including DJ Lance and Winnie.

Meanwhile, Leah is surprised to see Leslie Hall, DJ Lora and The Junior Gems had came for Robots Day and DJ Lora played music for Leah and she like it. After that, while Plex still trains his friends he saw Lady Violet Robot as Darth Wicked inside of her, she told for a date and Plex would love that with Violet's eye and Toodee, Brobee, Foofa and Muno are feeling sad because all they want is Plex to train how to fight the evils faries. Everywhere Plex and Violet went to the funfair, ice skate and boat ride while Darth Wicked push the botton to try to kill Plex but he cloudn't do it. Later Toodee phone Rocky, Bullwinkle and Karen that Plex has a crosh on Lady Violet Robot. But Rocky told her that he realize that Violet has turn out that she was Darth Wicked in deskys. And the Gabba gang didn't that Plex has been trick, so they use their magic swords to try stop Darth Wicked, but Scoreh, Spout, Meganemis and Red Devil was in the way to play sword fight with them. Toodee fight with Spout, Brobee fight with Red Devil, Foofa fight with Scoreh and Muno fight with Meganemis.

After Toodee, Brobee, Foofa and Muno beat up Spout, Red Devil, Scoreh and Meganemis, they use their magic swords to turn them into good guys and they did. Spout, Red Devil, Scoreh and Meganemis thanks the Gabba gang to change them back to good self they told them many years ago Master Wicked Wings kidnap them and turn them into evils fairies. The Gabbas told them that two evils aliens turn Yo Gabba Gabba just like Yo Wicked Wings, but they saw Plex still been trick by Darth Wicked in Violet so the x-evils fairies grab the lady-robot open the head and Plex didn't realize it was Darth Wicked so he use his magic sword to turn him into good fairy, than Darth Wicked and his friends didn't realizes that they were bad fairies all these year then he say his sorry to Plex for killing his parents and Plex forgive him, now Darth Wicked friend with Toodee, Red Devil friend with Muno, Meganemis friend with Foofa, Spout friend with Brobee and Scoreh friend with Plex.

Rocky, Bullwinkle and Karen came with Boris and Natasha who told the Gabba gang and the Wings gang in "Boris and Natasha: The Movie!" they were good guys because Fearless Leader lie to them and the Wicked Wings made friends with Boris and Natasha too. Rocky told the Gabbas to tell DJ Lance, Winnie, DJ Junior, Katie, Leah and Robyn the truth now and so Rocky, Bullwinkle, Karen, Boris, Natasha, Yo Gabba Gabba and Yo Wicked Wings went.

When The Gabba gang explain DJ Lance, Winnie, DJ Junior, Robyn, Katie and Leah the truth about the evils fairies are just not evils fairies, DJ Lance, Winnie, DJ Junior, Robyn, Katie and Leah understand that and DJ Lance ex set their apologize for killing Plex's parents. After that at Zoower, Rat Prince is very angry because Wicked Wings are free by the Gabba gang, so he, Martha and her evils grandparents set off to Gabba Land to kill Plex theirselves.