Yo Gabba Gabba's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival is the 5th episode of Season 5 of Yo Gabba Gabba.

Plot Edit

DJ Lance and Toodee hear a noise which leads them to Brobee Land where Muno and Brobee are pretending to make music videos. After Lance, Toodee, Foofa, and Plex join along, the music videos start.

Full Summary Edit

After the title card, the first song was "Hold Still" from Move until it cuts to Eli dancing, the second was "Don't Bite Your Friends" from Together until it cuts to Noah dancing, the third was "Party In My Tummy" from Eat until it cuts to Kawika dancing, the fourth was "the Name Game" from Greetings until it cuts to Evan dancing, and the last song was "Body Parts" from Dance, with Foofa saying "THIS SONG GOT STUCK IN MY HEAD ALL DAY!!!". Before it cuts to Lucas dancing, everybody shouts "TA-DA!!!" to show how much Foofa liked the show, with DJ Lance saying "It would never work on real TV!" and Foofa starts singing the Body Parts song.


  • Theme Song


Transcript Edit

DJ Lance: Hello Friends! Wait? What was that sound?

Toodee: Hey DJ Lance!

Men (singing): Toodee!

DJ Lance: Heya Toods, I think I heard something! C'mon, look!

Both: Huh?

Toodee: Over there!

(Muno and Brobee have a cardboard studio set up, Brobee is beatboxing with his mouth)

Toodee: Hi, what's up?

Muno: Hi Toodee, We're having a music show!

Brobee: I'm a video and I'm almost over!

Foofa: Hey, can I join your music show?

Brobee, Toodee, and Muno: Sure!

Foofa: Yay!

Plex: Hey, this looks like fun!

Muno: That was Brobee Jam with "Hey, Watcha Doin'?" Our next video...

Plex: Hey, that was not a music video, that was just Brobee going (beatboxing) with his mouth. And that's not a TV, the camera's not on.

Muno: Um, that's DJ Lance's camera, it doesn't work!

DJ Lance: It doesn't, you're right Muno!

Plex: So why are you doing this?

Muno: Um, why shouldn't we?

Toodee: It doesn't look real.

Brobee: Being real is happy!

Muno: Imagination can help you see cool videos.

Foofa: Is this a trick?

Muno: No trick! Here it comes, our first music video

(Hold Still starts)

(Hold Still ends)

Eli: Ba-Go!


(Good Morning Starshine starts)

(Good Morning Starshine ends)

My name is Kaylee,

I like to dance!

(Music for Recess Ritual plays while Grace Marcus does the game)

(Party In My Tummy starts)

(Party in my Tummy ends)

My name is Noah,

I like to dance!

DJ Lance: Today we're going to to the DJ Lance Dance, let's dance!

Today, we're going to do the Jump and Hop. Here's how to do it!

Jump up to the sky, and pretend to hop like a frog.

Do the Jump and Hop (4x)

Eli, Evan, Kaylee, Bob, Brielan, Kawika, Lucas, Kota, and Noah: Yay!

DJ Lance: Yeah! Now you did a great job jumping and hopping!

My name is Kota,

I like to dance!

(Music for the Dog toy starts while Kaylee Enis rides the toy)

Kid: Story Time

Kid: The End!

(The Music for Knock on a Friend's House starts while Kaylee Enis plays)

Man: When you're in trouble, and you need help, call Super Martian Robot Girl!

Super Martian Robot Girl, yeah!

Narrator: Today was a Music Festival at the park, and all the kids were getting ready.

Just then, rain came!

Little Girl: Oh no, it's raining!

Little Boy: Super Martian Robot Girl, help us, help us!

(Super Martian Robot Girl beams herself to the park)

Super Martian Robot Girl: Here I am to help! What's the prob?

Little Girl: Today we were expecting a music festival here at the park, when it started to rain!

Super Martian Robot Girl: Here, I can help! COME OUT SUN!!!

The Sun: Here I am!

Narrator: And so the day was saved thanks to Super Martian Robot Girl!

Man: Super Martian Robot Girl!!!

Foofa: Yeah!

(Music for the Dinosaur toy plays while Grace Marcus rides)

Eyes, 1

Nose, 2

Mouth, 3

Feet, 4

Hands, 5

Ears, 6


(Music for Flying Bed starts while Kawika Keatle and Evan Strong play)

(The Name Game Starts)

(The Name Game ends)

My name is Kawika, I like to dance

(Dancey Dance begins)

(Dancey Dance ends)

(Music for Go Kart Fun! starts while Lucas Cousins plays)

(Learn With Plex Begins)

DJ Lance: It's Time To Learn With Plex

Plex: It's fun to take a bath x2 and this is how you do it

Kids: One!!!

Prepare your bath x2

Kids: Two!!!

Scrub up and play with the bath toys x2


Play with the toys more x2


Rinse off your body and drain all the water x2

It's fun to take a bath x2 and that's how you do it

Plex Laughs

Good Job!

(Learn With Plex Ends)

(The music for Bob McCain's toy train begins while he rides)

(Body Parts Begins)

(Body Parts Ends)

My name is John,I like to dance

(Listen To Sounds With Toodee Begins)

DJ Lance: Let's Listen To Sounds With Toodee

Toodee: Hi Guys it's me Toodee

Let's Listen To Sounds

Ssssshhhh Let's Listen for Sheep

Telephone rings

Is that a Sheep

Kids: No!!!!

Toodee: Your right

Cat meows

Was that a Sheep

Kids: No!!!

Toodee: Your Right

Dolphin chirps

Was that a Sheep

Sheep baa

Toodee: Or That

Kids: The second one

Toodee: Your Right the second sound was a Sheep

Great Listening skills

(Listening To Sounds With Toodee Ends)

(The Music for The Police Car plays while John rides)

John Linnell: Hi, I'm John, you may recognize me from They Might Be Giants.

Today I'm going to play my keyboard for you.

(plays Keyboard)

John Linnell: And that's how you play a keyboard!

(Music for the Robots toy plays while Kota rides)

(Body Parts starts)

Foofa: OK, sorry to say this, but, THIS SONG GOT STUCK IN MY HEAD ALL DAY!!!

(Body Parts ends)

Brobee and Muno: TA-DA!!!

Muno: What'dya think?

Brobee: It was a fun show!

Plex: It was okay.

Toodee: It was awesome!

Foofa: It was cool!

(starts singing Body Parts)

(DJ Lance laughs)

DJ Lance: You know, it would never work on real TV!

My Name is Lucas!

I like to Dance!

(Music for Riverboat Racer starts while Bob plays)

Brobee wants to color!

Brobee: Uh Huh!

I Love to color (3x)

C'mon and play with me!

I'm thinking of a color, uh huh!

It's the color of Macaroons,

and the color of Water. What color is it?


Eli, Brielan, Kaylee, Bob, Lucas, John, Kota, Grace, and Noah: Teal!

Brobee: That's right, it's teal! Thanks for playing!

(Music for Mini Orbiter plays while Lucas rides)

Muno wants to play pretend!

Muno: Hi, let's play pretend!

OK, so I'm pretending to be an animal who's yellow and lives in a pond. What am I?

Eli, Brielan, Kaylee, Bob, Lucas, John, Kota, Grace, and Noah: A Duck!

Muno: I'm a Duck! Thanks for playing!

(Music for the Tree Stump toy plays while Eli is in it)

Foofa wants to play a game!

(Music for Store Galore starts while Kota plays)

Eli, Brielan, Kaylee, Bob, Lucas, John, Kota, Grace, and Noah: Funny Face!

DJ Lance: It's time to make funny faces!

Hey, now it's your turn to try it!

That's great!

C'mon, you can do it!

Whoa, now that's funny!

Here comes another one!

Eli, Brielan, Kaylee, Bob, Lucas, John, Kota, Grace, and Noah: Yay!

DJ Lance: Great job, those were some funny faces! Yeah!

(Music for the Path starts while Eli Fretz plays)

People: Cool Tricks,

Cool (3x) Tricks, Yeah!!!

Maddie Fretz: Hi, I'm Maddie, and my cool trick is playing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, Knees and Toes (2x)

and Eyes and Ears and Mouth and Nose,

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, Knees and Toes


(Puffs and blows her cheeks)

Maddie Fretz: Hi, I'm Maddie, and my cool trick is playing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

People: Cool (3x) Tricks!

Maddie Fretz: Yeah!!!

Woo-Hoo, my name is Brielan!

I like to dance!

(Music for the Tractor toy plays while Kawika rides)

Mark Mothersbaugh: Hello, my name is Mark and today we're going to draw a stage.

(Music for the Lizard toy plays while Brielan rides)

Hey kids, gather around for Biz's Beat of the Day

Let's all do it together with Biz

(Music for Cars and Buildings starts while John plays)

DJ Lance: Hello everybody, I think it's time for the Super Music Friends Show. Oh look, it's starting!

People: It's Super Music Friends, C'mon

La (6x)

the Swami: And now let's learn not to be scared with, Milkshake!

All: Yay!!!

DJ Lance: Listening and Dancing to Music is Awesome!!!

(Music for Ball Pit Swing starts while Brielan plays)

DJ Lance: Yo!

All: Hi!

DJ Lance: It's almost time to go!

All: Aw!

DJ Lance: But first, let's remember all the fun things we did today!

All: Yay!!!

DJ Lance: Toodee and I found out that Muno and Brobee were putting on a music show. It was such a musical day today! Now it's time to dance! Are you ready?

All: Yeah!

DJ Lance: Can we dance?

All: Yeah!

DJ Lance: Well let's do it, break it down!!!

(See Yo Gabba Gabba's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival/Remix)

All: Yay!

DJ Lance: Wow, That was so much fun! Thanks for playing with us today!

All: Bye!

DJ Lance: See you next time, here we go!

Yoooooo Gabba Gabba!!!