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The film begins with Toodee and Foofa telling the kids that they have seen 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of The Yo Gabba Gabba! Movie, now the're doing the prequel before the series. Toodee and Foofa begin to tell the kids a story of how this happened to begin when Lance Robertson was walking around the street and he saw a radio box, not just a radio box that's open and has magic and it beams Lance inside of it. Lance sees everything around everywhere until a magical thing goes around him and he became DJ Lance Rock, a rockstar who has magic in him and made him fly too. He first met a beautiful woman named DJ Ariel and her two married toy robot friends are trying to build a son for them, so DJ Lance has magic to help them and he did and a little robot came to life. So the parents named him Plex and DJ Lance gave him the gift of magic. Plex can do any magic, so his best magic is beaming DJ Lance and DJ Ariel big and little and his parents laugh and love their son so much.

7 years later, today is Plex's birthday and DJ Ariel gives him a birthday present. She has given him a robo-monkey and Plex names him Roddy. After his birthday, Plex trains Roddy to roll over, hop up and down and play dead. Plex thanks DJ Ariel for his birthday present. After that, DJ Lance is working on making all the toys come to life and he did. When DJ Ariel comes to DJ Lance, she actually trips over and bumps into him and that's when they begin to fall in love with each other. Then suddenly, an evil fairy monster named Master Wicked Wings, with his five evil fairies called the Yo Wicked Wings, comes and kills somebody, so DJ Lance protects everyone, not everyone, Plex's parents. When DJ Lance tries to save them, it is too late. The Wicked Wings kill them with pitch forks and touch. But DJ Lance is not too happy, so he banishes the evil fairies into a wormhole, including Master Wicked Wings.

10 years later, after DJ Lance and DJ Ariel are married about 5 years ago, 2 years they find Brobee as a baby monster, 1 year they meet the cyclops family who tell them to take care of their son, Muno. Now, this year every morning, Plex teaches Brobee and Muno how to act safely from everything that are not nice things at all until they hear DJ Lance and DJ Ariel's son is born and they name him DJ Junior and he just likes his parents. Plex really misses his parents so much and so did Brobee and Muno too. DJ Lance and Plex tell them that 10 years ago, Plex's parents died from the evil fairies and they also tell them DJ Lance has banished them in the wormhole. Now, tomorrow is Brobee's 3rd birthday and he is so glad he is turning 3.

Later, Brobee and Muno are having fun with each other when they actually fall down and land with a beautiful young pink and happy flower-bubble named Foofa and Brobee and Muno love her pretty smile so much until her mother, Sarah calls her. So Foofa runs and Brobee and Muno run to DJ Lance and tell him they met a flower-bubble, but DJ Lance tells them on Brobee's birthday tomorrow, Foofa is going to come over and live with them, but suddenly, Master Wicked Wings comes with his new friends, Rady, Buzz and Elmer, Mother Witch, Lord Dragon Warrior and Father Warlock. DJ Lance gathers everybody. It sets DJ Ariel because Master Wicked Wings slays her. Plex beams DJ Lance, Brobee, Muno, Roddy and Baby DJ Junior to another place to get away from Master Wicked Wings and the gang. Meanwhile, DJ Lance, Plex, Brobee, Muno, Roddy and DJ Junior are safe, but they are lost. Poor DJ Lance is mad and crying louder because his wife is now dead and he is now a widower.

Next morning, DJ Lance, Plex, Brobee, Muno, Roddy and DJ Junior wake up and meet a beautiful enchantress, Aroma (Whoopi Goldberg). She tells them that she found a perfect place for them. It is called Gabba Land and DJ Lance, Plex, Brobee, Muno, Roddy and DJ Junior love it. Aroma brings Foofa and her mother there too. Foofa's mother tells them to take care of her and Foofa and her mother are going to miss each other. So Sarah leaves in tears. Today, on Brobee's birthday, he wants the land of forest, Muno wants the land of mountain and Foofa wants the land of garden, but Plex doesn't want the land of Arctic. So he and Roddy pick between the forest and garden and see that inside is a station and it has election.

After that, everybody sings "Happy Birthday" to Brobee because he is turning 3 years old. During that, a beautiful African-American female robot, Roxanne-Bot (voiced by Jennifer Aniston) and her friends, The Pride Monsters members, Sesame Dragon (voiced by Albert Brooks), Anne-Monstress (voiced by Mae Whitman), Prince Erip (voiced by Michael Keaton) and Kiku (voiced by Queen Latifah) come and explain that Master Wicked Wings's next plan is to kidnap Plex and steal his beam powers. DJ Lance says he is not going to let that happen.

The next day, DJ Lance tells Plex, Brobee, Foofa and Muno since none of them wants to live in the land of Arctic, they are going to find someone who wants to live with them immediately. So then Plex beams Brobee, Foofa and Muno to Antarctica. When they get there, they see some living animals around until they also see Buzz and Elmer. As Plex beams Brobee, Foofa and Muno to Australia, they see lots of kangaroos and koalas. They see that lots of them are running away, including flying squirrels and a little cat-dragon are trying to get away from Killer Crocodiles (voiced by Mark Williams and Bill Fagerbakke). Brobee has a nightmare about them. After a moment, however, the Gabba gang have to split up and find someway to get rid of them.

But Plex, Brobee, Foofa and Muno find a jeep and ride away from the Killer Crocodiles. Once again, they see more flying squirrels are flying away from the Killer Crocodiles and they run to a blue cat-dragon named Toodee who tells them she wants to ride with them because she can't stay in Australia with those Killer Crocodiles around. So Plex, Brobee, Foofa and Muno agree with that and let Toodee go with them. Plex beams Toodee, Brobee, Foofa and Muno out of Australia.

Meanwhile, they land in China. Toodee tells Plex, Brobee, Foofa and Muno all about herself, including that she likes winter stuff. Plex tells her that she could live with them in Gabba Land and she would love to. Then suddenly, Lord Dragon Warrior comes and tries to stop them, but Plex beams Toodee, Brobee, Foofa and Muno back to Gabba Land.

When everyone is now safe in Gabba Land, Plex introduces DJ Lance to Toodee. DJ Lance tells her that she would live in the land of Arctic and she would love that. Suddenly, they hear rocks, flowers, trees and ice can talk. DJ Lance reminds them not to be afraid because the enchantress made everything come alive. So Plex, Toodee, Brobee, Foofa and Muno decide to get along with them.

Lord Dragon Warrior and Buzz and Elmer come back and tell Master Wicked Wings that Plex and his friends have escaped from them and Master Wicked Wings is not too happy. So he decides to have his next evil plans. He then tells Mother Witch and Father Warlock to go online on the computer to find Plex around the world. If Plex does his magic robot thing, Master Wicked Wings, Rady, Buzz and Elmer, Mother Witch, Lord Dragon Warrior and Father Warlock will find him and steal his magic beam powers in no time.

Meanwhile in Africa, Roxanne-Bot and The Pride Monsters hear Master Wicked Wings is having his next evil plans if Plex does his magic robot thing. Master Wicked Wings will find him and kidnap him and take his beams, so Roxanne-Bot tells The Pride Monsters to go get Alec Baldwin and Jack Black and they'll know what to do. Then Roxanne-Bot will warn DJ Lance about this.

During that, Plex tells Toodee and Foofa every morning, he trains Brobee and Muno to act safe from every bad guy. Now Plex is going to teach Toodee, Brobee, Foofa and Muno to sing a song with "Doe Rain Me Far Sew La Tea" and they all sing it together. After that, Roxanne-Bot comes and tells DJ Lance about Master Wicked Wings is going to find Plex if he does his magic robot thing. He will find him in Gabba Land and kidnap him and steal his beam powers. DJ Lance is not going to allow that, so he will tell Plex to not do his magic because Master Wicked Wings is going to find him where he is.

Meanwhile, Roddy visits Plex and then tells him to jump up and down, roll over and play dead when Toodee comes and she is laughing because she likes Plex's cool trick with his robo-monkey. So Roddy jumps up and gives Toodee a kiss because Roddy likes her. DJ Lance tells Plex not to do any magic robot beaming because Master Wicked Wings is going to find out where Plex is. If he keeps doing it again, Master Wicked Wings will find him where he is and kidnap him and steal his beam power. Plex is not too happy. So he walks into his stations in frustration.

Meanwhile, Toodee doesn't understand that DJ Ariel got killed by Master Wicked Wings and DJ Lance reminds her: 10 years ago, Plex had a parent once because they got killed by Yo Wicked Wings, so DJ Lance has banished the evil fairies in the wormhole before Toodee, Brobee, Foofa and Muno were born and Toodee understands that. After that, Brobee then shows up and asks Toodee to come play with him. During that, the Killer Crocodiles come by and they are chasing Toodee and Brobee, but Plex comes to the rescue. He uses his tenants to shoot at the Killer Crocodiles. But at Master Wicked Wings's secret lairs, Mother Witch and Father Warlock realize the magic robot is in Gabba Land. Then they warn Master Wicked Wings that Plex is there and he is happy. He gathers Rady, Buzz and Elmer, Mother Witch, Lord Dragon Warrior and Father Warlock to go to Gabba Land at once.

Back in Gabba Land, Plex tells The Killer Crocodiles to never come after Toodee and Brobee again, but Foofa and Muno then come and they are happy because Plex beat up the Killer Crocodiles. Plex informs them he used his magic beams because Master Wicked Wings and his gang are coming to kidnap him and steal his magic beams power. Then Brobee and Muno get into an argument with Plex and walk away, but Toodee and Foofa still believe him. So they walk sadly away from him. Embittered, Plex walks back into his stations with Roddy.

That night, Plex is packing his things because he is running away, still embittered that he lied to DJ Lance for never doing his magic beaming powers at all. After this, Master Wicked Wings, Rady, Buzz and Elmer, Mother Witch, Lord Dragon Warrior and Father Warlock come and begin to kidnap him when Roddy runs by and tries to rescue Plex, but then Lord Dragon Warrior kidnaps him too. Brady leaves a note in Plex's stations and they begin to take Plex and Roddy away to Master Wicked Wings's lairs.

That morning, when DJ Lance and his baby boy wake up, they do not realize that Plex and Roddy are gone. Toodee, Brobee, Foofa and Muno check at Plex's stations and they see a note that the villains left. It says: "We have your robot because he used his magic. If you want to see him again, bring me your money right now or he will never be seen again." DJ Lance tells them he warned Plex not to use his magic beams. Toodee and Brobee remind him it was the Killer Crocodiles' fault because they were chasing them and made Plex use his tenants because it is part of magic. But Roxanne-Bot and The Pride Monsters, along with Alec and Jack, can help them rescue their friend and off they go.

Meanwhile, at Master Wicked Wings's lairs, he and his gang tie Plex and Roddy to a chair. Plex asks them why they are trying to harm them. Rady reminds Plex that Master Wicked Wings wants his beam powers, but Plex demands them to let him and Roddy go. But Master Wicked Wings refuses. During that, DJ Lance, Toodee, Brobee, Foofa, Muno, Alec, Jack, Roxanne-Bot and the Pride Monsters break into the lairs. They wonder how they are going to get to Plex and Roddy. Aroma runs in and then tells DJ Lance the only way to stop the villains is to use the magic words: "Yo Gabba Gabba". And then she tells him to name the group what Plex, Toodee, Brobee, Foofa and Muno are in. DJ Lance agrees with that, so he and his friends go in.

Plex wants to be a but refuses to let him be one. So he forms the Plexketeers.

When Master Wicked Wings puts a mind-control helmet on the Plexketeers, Plex, DJ Lance, Toodee, Brobee, Foofa, Muno, Alec, Jack, Roxanne-Bot and The Pride Monsters barge in and Sesame Dragon demands Master Wicked Wings to let Plex and Roddy go, but Master Wicked Wings tells them it's too late because he already told Lord Dragon Warrior to press the button and helmet control is about to begin. But Roxanne-Bot and The Pride Monsters use their power to stop the villains and the helmet control and knock Plex unconscious. Then DJ Lance uses his power and the magic words "Yo Gabba Gabba" on Master Wicked Wings, then banishes him dead melting.

After DJ Lance has destroyed Master Wicked Wings, Toodee, the Plexketeers, Brobee, Foofa, Muno, Roxanne-Bot and The Pride Monsters send Rady back to West Land, Buzz and Elmer back to Yardrat, Mother Witch back to Mount Olympus, Lord Dragon Warrior back to Mount Everest and then send Father Warlock back to Mount Olympian. After this, they see Plex dead. To wake him up, Toodee and Foofa give him a kiss, while Roxanne-Bot, Anne-Monstress and Kiku are healing him with their magic, and the Plexketeers shout "Yoooooo Gabba Gabba!!!". Then Plex wakes up and apologizes to his friends. DJ Lance apologizes to Plex too. He also loses his beam powers, so DJ Lance gives him a new one. He makes DJ Lance big and small just like when he was a toddler.

Then Aroma comes and gives DJ Lance a radio box that he saw 17 years ago. Aroma tells him it is not just a radio box and it carries the Gabbas in it. Then she magically disappears with Roxanne-Bot and The Pride Monsters.

1 year later, back in Gabba Land, DJ Lance Rock and the Gabba Gang teach DJ Junior to do his first baby step and say his first word. DJ Ariel comes back as a ghost and tells them last year, DJ Lance defeated Master Wicked Wings. Now she asks them to keep every villain out of Gabba Land, unless one of them are x-villains. And then DJ Ariel goes back to Heaven and DJ Lance understands that. Toodee and Foofa finish the story to the kids.

After that, DJ Lance, DJ Junior, Leah, Katie Mealey, Princess Winnie, Plex, Brobee, Muno, Isa, Puffy, Scooder, Dracula, Lord Tigress, The Jungle Heroes, Dark Blue Cat, Bobby The Great Moose Detetive, Micheal The Detetive Little Helper, Maya Camlin, Lady Ivy and the whole gang come and everybody shouts out "Let's party!" with the song "It's a Miracle" and everyone lives happily ever after.

During the credits, Brooklyn Borgquist, a 2-year old girl, plays peek-a-boo with her parents and waves bye-bye in gibberish.

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  1. Yo Gabba Gabba! Theme Song
  2. DJ Lance Rock
  3. Master Wicked Wings
  4. Gabba Gang Introduction
  5. Plex's Robo-Monkey
  6. Dinosaur Stomp (Dancey Dance)
  7. I'm Aroma
  8. The Killer Crocodiles
  9. Doe Rain Me Far Sew La Tea
  10. Master Wicked Wings's Dangerous Plan
  11. Plex Lies
  12. Runaway
  13. We Are One
  14. The Big Fight
  15. The Ghost Of DJ Ariel
  16. It's a Miracle
  17. Happily Ever After
  18. End Title