The Gabba gang are having a big Christmas party for gift giving and a feast, but the evil enchantress plans to destroy Christmas with the help of The Ghost of Christmas Future, so the Gabba gang team up with a good enchantress to send three sprites to stop her.

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The Christmas film begins when Katie Mealey (Taylor Swift), DJ Junior (Corey Feldman) and Leah (Beatrice Miller) say "hello" to the kids and tell them that everyone in Gabba Land is having a big Christmas party for gift giving and a feast. They also say that DJ Lance (Lance Robertson) and his wife, Princess Winnie (Regina King), are going to have a baby and DJ Junior is going to be a big brother and he, Katie and Leah are surprised that the baby is going to be a boy or a girl.

After the Gabba gang wake up and come up with plans to get the party ready in time for Christmas, they invite a 15-year-old kid named Nathan Davis, a friend they have met in the first film, to help them with the decorations, the dinner table for the feast, and their holiday quilt with pictures of them when they were babies. Nathan agrees to do it and comes over on time. He is introduced to DJ Lance, Katie, Leah, DJ Junior, Winnie and the Gabba gang. DJ Lance tells him about the baby he and Winnie are having later on.

Nathan isn't sure if he likes babies or not, but Muno (voiced by Wallace Robbins), a red cyclops, reminds him that when the baby comes as a boy or a girl, the Gabba gang will get to celebrate the birth of their newborn friend during the party. After a moment, Toodee (voiced by Elvis Rock), a blue cat dragon, warns him about when Aroma (Whoopi Goldberg), a beautiful enchantress, had a sister named Divana (Alfre Woodard), who is very evil, greedy and selfish.

So Brobee (voiced by Tracy Fraun), a green-striped monster, and Plex (voiced by Robert Allen), a yellow robot, decide to let Nathan help them solve a Christmas mystery of Divana because many years ago, she loved Christmas when she was seven years old. But when Divana grew up, she turned mean and evil after she had caught the town Christmas tree on fire and lied to her school teacher, Edward Welles, that she had thrown everyone's gifts away and got kicked out for punishment. And after seeing Divana's Christmas scrapbook torn up and ruined, Divana's 5-year-old boyfriend, Robert Dalvon, has realized that his "love" with Divana was now abandoned, causing him to be heartbroken. Nathan, confused, remembers when Foofa (voiced by Emma Jacobs), a pink flower bubble, loved him after he helped everyone with the Yo Gabba Gabba! party for their newest friend, Jason Bateman, and sent him on his way home. Muno also remembers when Nathan met him after he'd been invited to the party they were having for Jason. After that, DJ Lance gives Plex a list of things to do in order to get the Christmas party ready. Then Nathan and the Gabba gang work together and invite more friends.

Meanwhile, in a big house on top of Mount Rainier lives a greedy Divana and a beautiful and pretty Aroma who look outside to see everyone in Gabba Land getting everything ready in time for the Christmas party. Divana soon realizes that if DJ Lance and Winnie got married in the fourth film, they are going to have a baby and does not know if it is a boy or a girl. She suddenly makes up her evil plan that she will steal their gifts for giving, the food for the feast, their Christmas tree, and their toys and dolls and that Christmas will be destroyed. Aroma is furious that if the Gabba gang finds out, she will not allow her mean sister to go back to school anymore.

Back in Gabba Land, Aroma arrives and interrupts everyone's daily chores for the party. She warns them that her sister is planning to destroy Christmas, stealing all the things and taking them to Mount Rainier where they live. Then Brobee and Plex ask her if they can help her stop Divana for never letting them get their Christmas stuff back. Aroma agrees to let them do it and goes back to her house to tell her sister what the gang said. But when she does, Divana is annoyed.

Meanwhile, Winnie's childhood best friend, Lady Marcy (Sara Ratner), arrives and surprises her. Winnie tells her that she and DJ Lance are going to have a baby and Marcy is surprised. After that, The Aquabats members, The MC Bat Commander, Crash McLarson, Jimmy the Robot, Ricky Fitness and Eagle "Bones" Falconhawk come over to perform Christmas music. Ricky then sees Marcy's beautiful smile and walks up to her. Ricky and Marcy introduce each other and fall in love. But Plex warns the Aquabats that Divana is going to destroy the Christmas party, but Commander tells him he and the Aquabats have already hired a little fairy named Abby Cadabby (voiced by Leslie Carrara Rudolph) to stop her.

While DJ Lance, Winnie, the Aquabats, and the Gabba gang are coming up with plans to kill Divana, they meet special friends from Gullah Gullah Island, Natalie Daise, Ron Daise, James, and a yellow playful polliwog named Binyah-Binyah (voiced by Phillip Garcia) who arrive and tell them that they have noticed Divana's selfish plans on how to destroy Christmas and warn DJ Lance that she hates it. James gets to know Muno and becomes his really good friend. He decides to help him and the others solve the Christmas mystery. Then Katie reminds the gang that if Divana finds out they are getting money from Santa Claus (Willem Dafoe), she will also take it from their piggy banks and it will be hers forever and ever.

The next day, Plex, Winnie, Toodee and Muno are cooking food for the feast and Brobee, Leah, DJ Junior, James and Marcy are putting up a Christmas tree in the middle of Foofa's land. While Nathan is helping DJ Lance with everyone's holiday quilt, he meets the first spirit, The Ghost of Christmas Past (voiced by Tim Curry), who arrives on time and tells the gang that he has heard about Divana. Then, after the Ghost of Christmas Past asks them if he can stay with them and help get the party ready until the mystery is solved, the second spirit, The Ghost of Christmas Present (voiced by Will Ferrell), comes over and has heard about Divana's plans. Nathan has never met a Christmas spirit before when Toodee tells him it is the magic of Christmas.

Back at Mount Rainier, Divana is very furious that the Gabba gang are being invited to Santa's workshop at the North Pole, so his wife, Mrs. Claus (Missi Pyle), can show them their name is on his list. Aroma reminds her that when the Gabba gang have their money from Santa, they get to buy a Christmas gift from a store. When Divana hatches a plan to steal the money from the Gabba gang and make it hers, she asks the third spirit, The Ghost of Christmas Future (voiced by Matthew McConaughey), if he can help her. The Ghost of Christmas Future agrees to do it, but this makes Aroma frustrated.

After Ricky and Marcy get married at a double wedding, the Christmas party is all set in Gabba Land and Winnie cannot wait until Mrs. Claus invites the gang to her husband's workshop. Plex and Brobee help each other make chocolate peanut butter cookies for Santa's snack and Toodee, Nathan, James, Foofa and Ron then meet a 9-year-old human kid named Jason Conrad (Macaulay Culkin) and his parents (Bebe Neuwirth and Gerry Bamman) and an 11-year-old human girl named Jessie (Sarah Vowell) and her parents (Ellen DeGeneres and David Thornton), who bring lots of books to the Gabba gang as their first gift and tell them that they are booksellers. Jessie also brings lots of candy to them and says that she is a candy seller.

Muno doesn't know what a candy seller is and Leah, DJ Junior and Winnie don't know what a bookseller is. Crash tells them that a "bookseller" is a person who sells books to grocery stores, libraries and bookstores and a "candy seller" is a person who sells lots of candy to grocery stores and gas stations. Overhearing this, DJ Lance then realizes that Jessie and her parents have brought books and candy to them for Christmas. This makes him understand the truth about Divana as Marcy and Ricky come back and tell Winnie that they are now married. Winnie is surprised to hear that.

After Natalie, Ron and Binyah-Binyah read a book of "Twas The Night Before Christmas" to the Gabba gang, DJ Lance soon meets Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street, the Snow Princess (voiced by Ann Reinking) and a 17-year-old girl named Annie (Drew Barrymore) and her parents (Cathy Moriarty and John Rhys-Davies), who arrive on time to stay over night and join everyone for the Christmas party. Annie's parents are introduced to Winnie, Leah, DJ Junior, Nathan and the Gabba gang as they tell them they have brought lots of chocolate bars to them that are plain and have almonds, peanut butter, caramel and marshmallow. After Brobee asks them if they are chocolate sellers, they say "yes." Then Plex and Annie get to know each other and become best friends. Plex warns her that Divana is Aroma's evil sister who is planning to destroy Christmas with the help of the Ghost of Christmas Future. Annie is amazed and then runs off to tell her mom and dad what Plex said about Divana.

Later, when Brobee makes up a Christmas song of "The Little Drummer Boy," he is very happy to meet his parents (voiced by Kristen Schaal and Jason Isaacs) and his grandpa (voiced by Edward Asner). They tell their son that they have met Aroma a long time ago and that she has told them that Divana has been born a very bad guy. After that, when Foofa makes up her Christmas Dancey Dance called "The Snowman," her mother and father (voiced by Tia Carrere and Eric Idle), her older sister, Loofa (voiced by Olivia Zaro), and her big brother, Fooful (voiced by Jeremy Sumpter), also come over to help everyone kill Divana and get their money and Christmas things back from her.

Then Binyah-Binyah helps Nathan make up a Christmas song of "The Snow Song" and is met by a handsome guy with a green-striped shirt named Steve (Steve Burns) and his smartest brother with a green shirt with squares named Joe (Donovan Patton). They tell Binyah-Binyah that they have come to help the gang get the Christmas party ready on time for a feast and gift giving, but he says that the party is already finished. Steve and Joe are then introduced to Nathan and become really good friends with him. And then Brobee's big brother, Bernie (voiced by Robby Benson), comes over and meets Loofa, seeing her pretty smile on her face. They introduce each other and fall in love.

When the day is about to turn to night, the baby inside Winnie's belly is about to come out. Winnie excitedly tells the Gabba gang when the baby comes out, she and DJ Lance get to raise it as their son or daughter during the Christmas party. DJ Junior cannot wait until he becomes a big brother. Then two purple otters named Pip and Pop (voiced by Alex Simon and Nick Jordan), a friendly mouse named Mickey Mouse (voiced by Wayne Allwine), his flexible girlfriend, Minnie Mouse (voiced by Russi Taylor) and his silly friend, Goofy (voiced by Bill Farmer), come over and meet DJ Lance, the Gabba gang, Nathan and the others. They have also heard about Divana's plans and ask the Gabba gang if they can help them get their money and Christmas stuff back and kill her. Plex then agrees to let them do it and allows them to stay over night until the mystery is solved. Mickey soon becomes Muno and Nathan's good friend and tells them he has also heard about when DJ Lance and Winnie are going to have a baby.

On Christmas Eve, DJ Lance, Nathan, Winnie, Leah, DJ Junior, Katie and the other friends pray for God, thanking him for the food that they eat and the friends that they meet: "Dear God, we thank you for the food we eat and the friends we meet on Christmas Eve and we believe that Jesus Christ died in our place paying the penalty for our sins. We are willing right now to turn from our sin and accept Jesus as our personal Saviour and Lord. Thank you, God, for loving us. In Jesus's name. Amen." After a moment, before they can go to bed, a big sleigh with silver ringing bells lands in Gabba Land. Santa jumps out and then meets everybody. After Muno asks Santa if he is the king of the North Pole, he says "yes." Then he tells the gang that his wife wanted him to invite Nathan and the others to his workshop, so Mrs. Claus can show them their name is on his list.

The gang are very excited, but Nathan says that he has never been to the North Pole and doesn't know what it is. Toodee and Foofa tell him it is a huge city standing alone at the top of the world and it is filled with factories where every Christmas toy is made. The gang are soon introduced to Santa's riders of the sleigh, a reindeer with a bright red nose named Rudolph (voiced by Billie Mae Richards), his older parents (voiced by Jason Lee and Elizabeth Perkins), and all of his reindeer friends. Santa finally invites Nathan and the Gabba gang to the North Pole, gathers them in the sleigh, and flies way up high singing a song: "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer."

When Santa brings Nathan and the Gabba gang to the North Pole, he introduces them to his helpers, the elves, who then take them into Santa's workshop where Mrs. Claus is waiting for them. She is very delighted to see them arrive on time and shows them around. After that, Mrs. Claus takes their hats, coats, gloves and scarves and they introduce each other. Mrs. Claus happily admits that it is nice to meet them all. She also says that she has heard about the Christmas party in Gabba Land and the new baby DJ Lance and Winnie are going to have. Santa gives Nathan and the others a name tag by putting one on them, so everybody knows who they are.

Meanwhile, after doing a Christmas dance with the elves, Mrs. Claus shows Nathan his address and the Gabba gang their land address. They happily realize that Santa does know where they live. Muno tells Rudolph and his parents how very important making friends is when they go to the North Pole. And then Nathan says that the best Christmas gift you can give someone is "the gift of love." But Santa also says that there is no gift as special as love. Before it is time to go back to Gabba Land, Mrs. Claus and Rudolph both show Nathan and the Gabba gang a big map and say that it tells them that Santa is on his way to their play land immediately.

Nathan and the Gabba gang realize that they have to go back home because DJ Lance, Winnie, DJ Junior, Leah, Katie and the others won't know where they are. So they put their hats, coats, gloves and scarves back on. Just before they leave, Santa and Rudolph finally give Nathan and the Gabba gang their money to buy gifts for friends and then wish them luck. Santa tells them he will be there shortly because he has a lot of presents to put in his giant red bag. Rudolph soon sends them home on a holiday train. Nathan and the Gabba gang say goodbye and enjoy their ride singing another song: "Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town."

Later that night, Nathan and the Gabba gang return to their play land and, seeing all of their friends asleep, quietly go to bed. Santa then comes and leaves lots of presents under the Christmas tree and fills their stockings with candy, toys, little presents, and movies. But at Mount Rainier, Divana and the Ghost of Christmas Future concoct a plan to steal the presents for giving, the food for the feast, the Christmas tree, the stockings, the money they are saving, and the holiday quilt while everyone in Gabba Land are sleeping. Aroma doesn't want this to happen because if it does, everyone will be disappointed that Christmas will be stolen by Divana. And so, with the help of Divana's grumpy partner, Duffy (Julie Dawn Cole), they fly to Gabba Land and catch all the Christmas things with sacks without being discovered. Then they share an evil laugh, saying that Christmas is now theirs. After a moment, Duffy, Divana and the Ghost of Christmas Future go back to Mount Rainier to make sure no one will find out that Christmas is stolen. Furious at them, Aroma breaks down in tears.

Waking up the next morning, DJ Lance, Winnie, Nathan, Katie, DJ Junior, Leah and all the other friends suddenly discover that Divana's plan is now completed and the Christmas mystery is not yet solved. Winnie, realizing what has happened last night, notices that Christmas is now taken away by Divana, Duffy and the Ghost of Christmas Future. So, after finding their money gone, everyone comes up with a plan to go to Mount Rainier and trick them into giving their Christmas stuff and their money back. Distraught and outraged, Muno, Jessie, Plex, Brobee and DJ Junior sadly admit that they still have the Christmas Spirit. After that, Mickey, Goofy and Minnie learn that Nathan said the best Christmas gift you can give someone is "the gift of love" and that Santa has told Nathan and the gang that there is no gift as special as love.

DJ Lance cheers everybody up when Aroma alerts them that her sister has stolen their Christmas stuff and has taken them to where they live. As she decides to help the gang kill Divana and the Ghost of Christmas Future, make Duffy their friend and bring the things back for the party, Jason asks the kids if they would like to help as well and they agree to do it. And so, before the party begins, Aroma, Mickey, James, Foofa's parents, Minnie, Goofy, Abby, Brobee's parents, Nathan and the Gabba gang set off to Mount Rainier.

Later that day, Aroma tries to convince Divana the change of mood, but she refuses to listen and plans to make the Christmas stuff and the money hers when everyone from Gabba Land arrive to kill her and the Ghost of Christmas Future. They inform her that she has burglarized their party and try to make her their friend. Aroma says that they cannot do that because Divana still hates Christmas. Muno, Toodee, Brobee and Nathan soon realize that Divana doesn't know what Christmas means. After tricking Divana and her partners into never destroying Christmas again, they defeat her and the Ghost of Christmas Future in a big fight and then toss them into a fireplace. Everyone holds their breath and duck as the whole fireplace explodes, causing the house to be half-broken. When Duffy sees her evil pals dead and abandoned, she confesses to the burglary and apologizes for her actions towards Aroma, Nathan and the Gabba gang, who reunite with her and make her their friend.

When Aroma, Nathan, Duffy and the friends finally return the Christmas things and the money to Gabba Land, they surprise DJ Lance, Winnie and all the other friends. Jason happily thanks the kids for helping and welcomes Duffy to the play land. Soon the Christmas party is a big success when the baby suddenly comes out of Winnie's belly as a girl. She and DJ Lance name the baby Princess Robyn (Mary Gibbs) and DJ Junior, Leah and Katie tell them to be very brave, take really good care of her, and not lose her at all times, which they gladly accept. As Loofa and Bernie kiss, Katie's dog, Princess Ella (voiced by Joely Richardson), comes over to meet her. When Nathan performs the song he and Binyah-Binyah made up, he performs his favorite song from Annie, "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow."

The Christmas party is about to be over when everybody tells DJ Lance, Winnie, Nathan and the others that it is time for them to go home and they sing a goodbye song. Marcy says to Ricky that next time they see each other, they get to go on a date to Tee Jaye's. Ricky kisses her on the forehead, wishing her luck and sending her home. Nathan, happy that Christmas is not ruined and the mystery is solved, tells Foofa that he is her friend and she will always love him forever. Foofa admits it and then kisses him. Nathan walks back home, hoping to see Foofa again. After that, the Gabba gang and the Aquabats perform "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". Then, the whole cast sings "Christmas Is Upon Us" and take their bows as the credits roll.

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  • Casting by Amber Horn and Danielle Aufiero
  • Dialogue Director-Jack Fletcher
  • Filmed in Long Beach, California and Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
  • Animation Production: DHX Media, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Dialogue recorded at Chalice Recording Studios, Los Angeles, California
  • Produced with the participation of the British Columbia Production Services Tax Credit and The Government Of Canada.

Song List Edit

  1. Yo Gabba Gabba! Theme Song (From The Show)
  2. Christmas Plans (Original Song)
  3. Divana
  4. Nathan Davis Arrives
  5. Hello (Originally Performed By Lionel Richie)
  6. The Snow Song (From "Thomas And Friends")
  7. Divana's Evil Plan
  8. Christmas Spirits
  9. The Snowman (Dancey Dance)
  10. The Little Drummer Boy (Christmas Carol Written By Katherine Kennicot Davis)
  11. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (Christmas Carol Written By Johnny Marks)
  12. Elf Dance
  13. Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town (Christmas Carol Written By John Frederick Coots And Haven Gillespie)
  14. Divana Steals Christmas
  15. Gift Of Love
  16. Friends Forever (Originally Performed By Vitamin C)
  17. Tomorrow (From "Annie")
  18. We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Traditional Christmas Carol)
  19. Christmas Is Upon Us/End Titles (From The Show)