Toodee gets kidnapped by the evil witch, Prunella so it’s up to DJ Lance and the Gabba Gang to save their friend.

Plot Edit

Foofa experiments with a potion, while the Gabbas are having too much fun, Prunella and Brock and Creeger capture Toodee. The Gabbas try to find a new friend to take her place, Katie Mealey. Prunella convinces Brock and Creeger to stop them. They have a fight, and when the Gabbas win, Maya Camelot from The Yo Gabba Gabba! Adventure with Big Bird and Elmo helps Toodee get back to Gabbaland. Muno tells his friends that there is a dark secret about Prunella, and then tells Brooklyn Borgquist and Imani Pullum that a Happy Hippo parade is coming up, but there isn't a parade. The Gang arrests Prunella and brings Toodee back. When the Nine Kids to Rescue her, but they're kicking at Brock and Creeger, Prunella disappeared.

Characters Edit

  • Prunella - An evil witch who kidnapped Toodee and try to turn her into stone.

Quotes Edit

Quote 1: Edit

  • Katherine: Hold On Tight!
  • Murray: Yow, Yow, Cut the Switch!!!

Quote 2: Edit

  • Julie: The Castle.
  • Murray: The What?
  • Julie: The Castle.
  • (they approaches the rock)
  • Murray: Turn It Off, (gasps) Oh No.
  • 9 Kids: (the lawn mower crashed by a rock and the lawn mower is broken, and they fly out) (screaming), Oof.
  • Katherine: Oh, The Whole World Didn't Say Anything About Layovers.
  • Chloe: Well you See Katherine, I Believe we had some sort of an accident, Murray?
  • Murray: Yes, We Most Certainly Had an Accident, and I Think Someone have some explaining to do.
  • Cody: Well, you see, there are these Ghosts, and they were stuck in the Tree, Well and the only to get 'em out was to smash that Tree over there, except it turned out to be a rock, and rocks are a lot harder than the Trees.
  • Ralphie: It just so happens that the nearest tree is two-thousand-six-hundred-and-forty miles away.
  • Arnold: Well You See Ralphie, Sometimes The Trees are very Interesting, We Just Thought About It, What were you thinking?!
  • Murray: You Smashed our Lawn Mower, Now What are we Gonna Do.