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Isaiah: It's a new day

A Brand new start

Try something new

Give the day a jump start

Scarlett: About a new game, a new food, a new trend

Both: Find a new way to travel, make a brand new friend.

Looking out for something new I might like

Instead of walking around I could learn to ride a trike,

never done it, but with the help of my friends

If I fall, I get up and try again (so try it!)

Maddie: So much to know, give it a go! (so try it!)

There's a world to explore when you set out the door (so try it!)

With a hand to hold together let's be bold and try something new,

Yeah! Try It!

Emily: Feeling Brave? Time for a Discovery!

You might be so excited to see a new fruit on the side of me.

Grapefruit, Pineapple, Tangerine

You might find yourself a brand new favorite.

Daniel: Adventure!

Explore a new place, see a new city, fly a rocket through space!

You might find a new animal, see a new country.

Make a New Friend and buy them Alford Tea.

Isaiah: Discover what you wanna be,

explore a variety.

So try it (6x)

And who knows when you try it,

You might just love it.

So Try it (Love It) (6x)

Try It!

Maddie and Emily: So Much to know, give it a go (So Try It!)

There's a World to explore when you set out the door (So Try It!)

With a Hand to hold together let's be bold, and try something new.

Yeah, Try It!

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