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Toodee with her arms up in the air

Toodee is a cat dragon who loves to have fun and one of the main characters in Yo Gabba Gabba! She lives in the appropriately named Toodee Land, an arctic winter-themed realm, which is located next to Brobee Land. She is the second female of the main characters right behind Foofa. She has a close friend with Plex and is also the band’s bassist for the Gabba Band. Her hobbies are ice skating, playing her bass, surfing, and tap dancing. Toodee also has a little brother named Keedee.

She is completely oval-shaped sporting mellow blue furry coated with a lighter shade on her whiskers and stomach. Toodee also has two white sharp teeth, four long eyelashes, and rounded scales on her tail to symbolized the dragon features on her.

Personality-wise, Toodee is loud, bold, prideful, self-confident, caring, loyal, and full with energy that can sometimes cause her to lose sight of things that may cause her to get in trouble. She also seems to be very mature to her age, debated that she is 10, that also has a soft side for her friends and she cares a lot about her self-image. Her wittiness is also shown, even courageous. Toodee also has a big imagination and loves to pretend. Ice and snow is her biggest bond point, even discover something new and try new things too plus making new friends along the way, but hates it when they have to see them go. Toodee is also shown to have some leadership in her friends even being adventurous, as seen in Nature where she leads the group up on Gabba Mountain and getting a special badge from Barbara. She is very athletic as seen in the sports she likes to do; ice skating, surfing, and getting exercise. She now know this well so she loves to dance whenever she can. Even get the sillies out!

Costume used in the first segment of Imagine


  • Toodee, along side, Foofa and Plex were made exclusively for Yo Gabba Gabba!
  • The costume character of Toodee went through at most 7 character changes, one of those costumes was during the live shows.
  • Toodee had a handful of costume performers; Melissa Rossiter (Series 0 - Series 2), Charme Morales (Series 1 - Series 4), Nicole Drew (Series 4 - Present), Alyssa Kennedy (Series 3-4 Present)