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Together is the 11th episode of Yo Gabba Gabba!


  • "Face Song", "Baby Steps, Big Steps", "Don't Bite Your Friends", "Teamwork
  • Jingle: "Love Every Living Thing" by Call Sound Call Noise
  • 8 Bit Games: Ball Pit Swing
  • Play Pretend with Muno: Horse; 
  • Dancey Dance: "The Twirly Wirly" with Nikki Flores;
  • Mark's Magic Pictures: Monkey
  • 8 Bit Games: Brush Up
  • Numbers: Fingers (Ten);
  • 8 Bit Games: Popeye
  • DJ Lance Dance: "The Funky Penguin";
  • Super Martian Robot Girl: "Dance of the Cobraman"


Numbers Child Edit

  • Boy (Red-White striped shirt)