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The film begins when the little green monster named Brobee (voiced by Tracy Fraun) says "hello" to the kids and tells them three days, DJ Lance (Lance Robertson) and his wife Princess Winnie (Vanessa L. Williams) are coming home from their honeymoon. He tells them to help him and his friends put up decorations to welcome them home. After that, their new friend Katie Mealey (Anne Hathaway) has come to see the Gabba gang, DJ Lance's son DJ Junior (Freddie Highmore) and a 13 year-old girl Leah (Dakota Fanning). Foofa (voiced by Emma Jacobs), a pink flower-bubble, tells her that three days, DJ Lance and Winnie are coming home from their honeymoon. Plex (voiced by Robert Allen), a yellow robot, with his robo-monkey Roddy (voiced by Wayne Brady), tells her that there'd be a party in Muno's land.

Brobee and Muno (voiced by Wallace Robbins), a red cyclops, ask Katie to help them blow up a balloon and she would love to. But Yo Gabba Gabba! biggest fan, a CIA agent, Maya Camlin (Vanessa Hudgens), comes and warns the Gabba gang that Mother Witch had a little brother, a warlock, as in dangers who can destroy the party. She tells them his name is Father Warlock (voiced by John Cleese). He and his sidekick, Rumple (voiced by David Spade), plan to kill Plex and Foofa and let his daughter, Lady Ivy (Jennifer Lopez), turn Toodee (voiced by Elvis Rock), a blue cat-dragon, Leah and Maya into humanoid vegetables.

Meanwhile, at Mount Olympian, an evil Father Warlock with his daughter and his henchman are working out how to turn Toodee, Leah and Maya into humanoid vegetables before trying to kill Plex and Foofa. They need help from Two headed Kangaroo (voiced by Jim Carrey) to be mean to DJ Lance's son DJ Junior, with him out of the way, they can capture Plex, Foofa, Toodee, Leah and Maya.

During that, Piper Perabo comes to show them a brand-new Dancey Dance called "The Moose Walk." After that, they tell her that Father Warlock has a plan to kill Plex and Foofa after he turns Toodee, Leah and Maya into humanoid vegetables. But Two headed Kangaroo comes and plays a mean game called "How To Stop That Rockstar's Wife for Marrying Him" on DJ Junior while Rumple and Lady Ivy come and capture Toodee, Leah and Maya, sacking them and taking them away.

After that, when Two headed Kangaroo is done playing mean games on DJ Junior, he meets Katie's high school girlfriend Sandy (Bridget Mendler) and her little brother, Jerry (Alexander Pollock). They don't realize that DJ Junior got hurt by Two headed Kangaroo. He tells them he is okay. Then suddenly, Katie comes and tells DJ Junior that Toodee, Leah and Maya had been kidnapped by Rumple and Lady Ivy. DJ Junior needs to get anybody to rescue them immediately, but Plex and Foofa come and say to them they'll do this. Katie tells them they need Kat5670 (voiced by Jodi Benson), a pink flying cat and her boyfriend, RuSsiaNpLaYa94 (voiced by Scott Weinger), a gray robot to go with them.

During that, Brobee is surprised to meet his favorite fairytale from The Little Mermaid, Kally (also voiced by Jodi Benson), and Muno is also surprised that his puffed-headed girlfriend Puffy (voiced by Sandy Duncan) has come to visit him again along with her parents (voiced by Christine Baranski and Tim Allen), but DJ Junior comes and tells them that Plex and Foofa are adventured to rescue Toodee, Leah and Maya along with Kat5670 and RuSsiaNpLaYa94, but Brobee thinks RuSsiaNpLaYa94 is a mouth-full. Katie tells him to call him "Russian" for short.

Meanwhile, Plex, Foofa, Kat and Russian are traveling around the world when they meet Foofa's Queen Grandmom (voiced by Geena Davis), who tells them that Father Warlock is so dangerous to anybody to kill Plex and Foofa. So they already know Kat and Russian who can help that they'll need a little monkey in red boots named Boots (voiced by Alex Brook) and a friendly pirate named Captain Feathersword (Paul Paddick). Then Plex, Foofa, Kat and Russian agree with Foofa's Queen Grandmom and off they go.

Back in Gabba Land, Alec Baldwin comes and teaches DJ Junior, Katie, Brobee and Muno a Dancey Dance called "Dinosaur Stomp." After that, they tell him Plex and Foofa are rescuing Toodee, Leah and Maya from Father Warlock along with Kat and Russian. Alec understands that and Barbara (voiced by Glenn Close) and Plex's little niece, Plexi (voiced by Bug Hall), show up with bubbles and everybody dances in a bubble dance before Plex, Toodee, Foofa, Leah and Maya come back.

Meanwhile, Plex, Foofa, Kat and Russian meet a monkey named Boots who shows them first a blue bouncy ball and then sings along the road to rescue Toodee, Leah and Maya. Then, on the way, they meet Captain Feathersword who can help them fight Father Warlock and Rumple with his feathersword and make Lady Ivy their friend, then travel when they are singing.

Meanwhile, Plex, Foofa, Kat, Russian, Boots and Captain Feathersword make it to Mount Olympian. First, Boots and Captain Feathersword destruction the guards while Plex, Foofa, Kat and Russian go in and they walk upstairs and they find Toodee in Potato forum, Leah in Carrots forum and Maya in Radish forum because Lady Ivy has turned them into humanoid vegetables. Plex demands her to change them back, but Lady Ivy refuses. So she calls her father. Then Father Warlock comes up and tells his guards to put them in cages until it is time for Plex and Foofa to be killed. But Kat escapes, then flies back to Gabba Land to warn the gang.

Back in Gabba Land, Katie is surprised to meet her boyfriend, Cody (John Morris), and together, they sing "Can't Fall In Love Without You," but Kat comes by and tells Katie, DJ Junior, Brobee and Muno that Plex, Foofa and Russian had been captured by Father Warlock and Toodee, Leah and Maya had been turned into humanoid vegetables by Lady Ivy. Dracula, Lord Tigress and Dark Blue Cat come to help and remind Lady Ivy not to be evil and then make her their friend, so Katie informs Mya, Jack Black, Elijah Wood, Toodee's parents (voiced by Angela Lansbury and Wayne Knight) and Maya's boyfriend, Tony the Cop (Zac Efron), to be in charge until she, Kat, Brobee, Muno, DJ Junior, Dracula, Lord Tigress and Dark Blue Cat come back with Plex, Toodee, Foofa, Leah, Maya and Russian and so they set off to the rescue.

Back at Mount Olympian, Plex, Foofa and Russian are in the cage with Boots and Captain Feathersword who get beaten up by the guards, but Katie, DJ Junior, Brobee, Muno, Kat, Dracula, Lord Tigress and Dark Blue Cat break in through the window and free them. Lady Ivy tries to call her father to stop them. Dracula and Lord Tigress remind her that she doesn't have to listen to her father. Dracula and Lord Tigress don't have to listen to their mother because she lied to them. Lady Ivy agrees with her two cousins, so she changes her evil ways and becomes good friends with them, but Father Warlock and Rumple don't realize that Lady Ivy has betrayed them. They try to kill Plex and Foofa. Then DJ Junior, Katie and the Gabba gang use their power to destroy them.

After DJ Junior, Katie and the Gabba gang killed Father Warlock and Rumple, Lady Ivy thanks her two cousins, Dracula and Lord Tigress for reminding her, just like when the Gabba gang remind Dracula and Lord Tigress. So DJ Junior, Katie, Leah, Maya, Kat, Russian, Captain Feathersword, Boots, Dracula, Lord Tigress, Lady Ivy, Dark Blue Cat and the Gabba gang set off back to Gabba Land. Tomorrow, DJ Junior can see his dad, DJ Lance, and his new mom, Winnie.

Next day, everybody has already set up the party for DJ Lance and Winnie. But first, they have to find out before DJ Lance and Winnie come back. When DJ Lance and Winnie are finally home, everyone shouts out: "Welcome home, DJ Lance Rock and Princess Winnie!" and DJ Junior gives his dad and new mom a hug. DJ Lance and Winnie love their son so much and so does Katie who stays in Gabba Land forever. During the credits, two songs "All Through The Night" and "Can't Help Falling In Love" begin.

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  1. Yo Gabba Gabba! Theme Song
  2. The Welcome Home Plan
  3. Father Warlock
  4. "How To Stop That Rockstar's Wife For Marrying Him"
  5. The Moose Walk (Dancey Dance)
  6. Under The Sea
  7. Father Warlock's Plan
  8. Dinosaur Stomp (Dancey Dance)
  9. Bouncy Ball
  10. Captain Feathersword
  11. I'm On My Way
  12. Can't Fall In Love Without You
  13. Father Warlock Dumps Lady Ivy
  14. Welcome Home
  15. So Long Song
  16. End Title