The Yo Gabba Gabba Movie 2 is fan fiction.

Plot Edit

The film begins when DJ Lance (Lance Robertson), a rockstar in an orange suit, is delighted to see the kids again and welcomes them to Gabba Land. He tells them his really big news: they are having a Yo Gabba Gabba! talent show for an Independence Day Celebration. Then DJ Lance's Gabba Land friends, Muno (voiced by Wallace Robbins), a red cyclops, Toodee (voiced by Elvis Rock), a blue cat dragon, Brobee (voiced by Tracy Fraun), a green-striped monster, Foofa (voiced by Emma Jacobs), a pink flower bubble, and Plex (voiced by Robert Allen), a yellow robot, wake up, say "hello" to the kids, and need their help to get the talent show set up and the Independence Day party ready on time.

Meanwhile in cyberspace, two grumpy aliens named Buzz and Elmer look down from their dangerous plane

Cast Edit

  • Lance Robertson as DJ Lance
  • Emily Hahn as Leah
  • Jonathan Lipnicki as DJ Junior
  • David Cross, Jeffrey Tambor, Tom Hanks, and Cameron Diaz as the China Gabbas
  • Jill Talley as Jessica Calloway
  • Hope Cervantes as Jill Cupel
  • Pia Manalo as Lisa Smith
  • Kevin Collins/Charlie Autism Johnson as Murray Maple
  • Jeffrey Hood as Cody Chang
  • Alexandra O'Brien as Julie Olivia
  • Tessa Ludwick as Kristen Lauren
  • John Mountford as Gary Mazingo
  • Lola T. O'Celery as Chloe Maple
  • Kristen T. O'Broccoli as Katherine Maple

Voices Edit

Song List Edit

  1. The Yo Gabba Gabba! Theme Song
  2. Accidentally In Love
  3. The Mini Spinney (Dancey Dance)
  4. You've Got A Friend In Me (Seen on Toy Story)
  5. We're The China Gabbas
  6. Three Times A Lady
  7. Romp Bomp A Stomp
  8. Another Small Adventure
  9. Because You Live
  10. If I Can't Have Your Love
  11. Muno Meets Puffy
  12. Where are the Gabba Friends? (tune: Lagoon Song)
  13. Dark Blue Cat's Mean Games
  14. Ever Fallen In Love
  15. The Super Hero Song (tune: Togetherness)
  16. The Goodbye Song
  17. End Title

Quotes Edit

Quote 1: Edit

  • Julie: Murray It's... It's Jessica Calloway.
  • Murray: Tention!
  • Jessica Calloway: At Ease Class, I said at ease Student.
  • Cody: Thanks Jill I Needed That.
  • Jessica Calloway: I See You Been Up Surving You're opponents.
  • Murray: Yes Ma'am Calloway Students are always prepared!
  • Jessica Calloway: But you have been practicing and I’m challenging DJ Lance Rock to our annual Baton and Basketball match.
  • Jill: No problem we always beat those Gabba Friends!
  • Jessica Calloway: Hit the Toss.
  • Murray: as You Can See Ma'am, Jill near have a dynamite ma'am!
  • Jessica Calloway: so I notice.
  • Jill: It's on the way Ma'am.
  • Jessica Calloway: Well, You can use some work on your control, now keep practicing Class.
  • 9 Kids: Yes Ma'am.

Quote 2: Edit

  • Julie: Here's Another Water Balloon Kristen.
  • Kristen: What Are These for Anyway Murray?
  • Murray: Manumission!
  • Lisa: Check Manimission, How's It That Bazooka Gun Coming Cody!
  • Cody: Be Passion Guys It's surplus surplus, somewhere sibling is required, There.
  • Lisa: Check Bazooka Gun!
  • Kristen: is this the get our ball back Lisa?
  • Lisa: Check It Sure Is!
  • Cody: Uh, maybe we should test it out first.
  • Murray: Good idea Cody, but not till I say fire, this you put out the pups fire!
  • Cody: Fire?
  • Murray: No, Not... Yet!

Quote 3: Edit

  • Murray: get a load of the racket from the Gabba friends!
  • Lisa: Phew, I knew that Calloway was Tough, that’s cool sounds like torture!
  • Kristen: (grunts) Well, You Know what they say, no pain, no gain, more weight Julie!
  • Julie: Aye Yi Kristen (grunts).
  • Kristen: More Weight!
  • Murray: Here Comes Jessica!
  • Julie: Tention.
  • Jessica Calloway: At Ease Class, I said At ease Kristen.
  • Kristen: Thank You Ma'am!
  • Jessica Calloway: I just want to say that no matter what happens on the Baton Twirling Basketball Shoot this afternoon, you've got a win!!
  • 8 Kids: Yes Ma'am.
  • Jessica Calloway: do you want this trophy to stay at Calloway military school?
  • Murray: It Sure is, we won't let you down Ma'am!
  • Jessica Calloway: Seventeen Hundred Dollars approaches, repair to gauge to the enemy—
  • Kristen: Whoo, these Friends won't Know what hit'em.

Quote 4: Edit

  • Murray: I don't get it, we have attactics!
  • Lisa: we had distrategy!
  • Jill: we had to admit it.
  • Gary: we can't do it anyway.
  • Cody: We had the equipment.
  • Kristen: But we Still Lost!
  • Julie: It Sure is!
  • Jessica Calloway: there will be class, the Callaway code says with treats with dignity.

Quote 5: Edit

  • Murray: Cody, sometimes I'm sorry you've everything had been in that rolling reveille robot!
  • Cody: But It was your idea to give Jessica for a Birthday Present.
  • Lisa: It Sure is, next to give him a pocket watch!
  • Jessica Calloway: Glad to see you been of serving up an admin students, Fantastic invention, as I was saying you're up early morning Roman numerals and tough to rain.
  • Murray: oh say That's Bear and bog!

Quote 6: Edit

  • Jessica Calloway: Today's Hike will take through swampy to rain, to march, all around the rules to explore, stay close class, as we use our survival skills to cross this bog.
  • Murray: Yes Ma'am!

Quote 7: Edit

  • DJ Lance: Follow Me Muno's Parents, Hurry Kids, We're Out of Here!
  • Muno's Father: Children Come On, Our Son's in Trouble, You Can Help us who killed the villains.
  • Murray: This is Awful!
  • Kristen: Whoever Since Here!
  • Muno's Mother: What Should we Do Now, DJ Lance.
  • Murray: Jessica Calloway Ma'am!
  • Jessica Calloway: and that Julie Soon finished her Hike Anyway, This Time It's Time for Watching a Jumpstart Preschool: Who Left the Juice in the Caboose in the Sensory Bedroom Student Maple.
  • Murray: Yes Ma'am, Uh Sorry Ma'am!
  • Jessica Calloway: (grunts) Back to the Classroom, All That F*******ckin.
  • 9 Kids: Yes Ma'am!

Quote 8: Edit

  • Cody: Murray I Can't Sleep.
  • Lisa: Yeah.
  • Murray: I Know, I've been should've looked for those gabba friends!
  • Lisa: It Sure is, I knew about those about here familiar with the help Pink in Happies in distress.
  • Kristen: and They Did Get us Out of that Quicksand.
  • Murray: (the Super Hero Song (tune: Togetherness)) Well, Don't Just Stand There Guys, We're Gonna Be Superheroes On the Rescue Mission!
  • 8 Kids: It Sure is.

Quote 9: Edit

  • Brobee: Help!!!!!!
  • Cody: Whoa, I know how make that noises anybody.
  • Lisa: It's the Gabba Friends for sure!
  • Murray: We're Going in!

Quote 10: Edit

  • Murray: Don't Panic Gabba Friends, Will Rescue You!
  • Kristen: Drift Kit.
  • Murray: It Sure is Kristen, Your Batting us Out!

Quote 11: Edit

  • Kristen: Bat Side.
  • Plex: You Calloway Students are Stretched Show Up.
  • Goliath: Invaders!
  • Murray: (gasps).
  • Goliath: I'll Teach you Mess with Goliath, Bibbity Bobbity Boo!!!!!!
  • Cody: Murray, Institute of days of action rental.
  • Murray: Roger and out of here!