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The film follows the plot of the TV series Yo Gabba Gabba!, focusing in the play land of Gabba Land. It begins when Muno (voiced by Wallace Robbins), a red cyclops, welcomes the kids to Gabba Land and tells them they are having a big party for a new friend. After the sun comes up, a rockstar in an orange suit named DJ Lance Rock (Lance Robertson) wakes up and cheerfully says "hello" to the kids. Then Muno's Gabba Land friends tell the kids the party they are having in Muno Land is for Brooklyn Borgquist (voiced by Tara Strong), a two year old kid Brobee (voiced by Tracy Fraun), a green-striped monster, needs the kids to help him and the others get everything ready for the Yo Gabba Gabba! party.

After the Gabba Land friends eat breakfast in Foofa Land, Plex (voiced by Robert Allen), a yellow robot, picks up a list of things to do: build a stage for a big music show, put up the decorations, make snacks and make up a Dancey Dance and a new song. Then Foofa (voiced by Emma Jacobs), a pink flower bubble, says Toodee (voiced by Elvis Rock), a blue female cat-dragon, would be her duet and sing about being a gardener. But as she sings about it, Foofa suddenly loses her voice and everyone remembers that the party is on Friday morning. Everyone is delighted that Foofa could tap her feet and shake, besides sing.

Suddenly, a teenager named Peyton arrives at Gabbaland and kidnaps Brooklyn, who is screaming. Brobee cries because she kidnapped a toddler. the Gabba decide to go on a mission to kill Peyton and save Brooklyn.

Meanwhile Rady and Rhino are trying to erase Brooklyn from existence and prevent Ann Borgquist from giving birth to her. Peyton takes Brooklyn to different places such as a Chemical Factory in Germany. Brooklyn, who is still screaming, is about to be eaten by Killer Crocodiles as suggested by Divana.

The Gabba have a battle with Divana until she dies and also Muno kills the Killer Crocidiles and Brooklyn is saved.

Brooklyn says bye bye in gibberish and the movie ends

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  • Christopher Seaman as Budgie
Bunny Edit
  • Rickey Boyd as Tornado
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  • Samantha Morton as Lester
  • Rickey Boyd as Sylvester

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Song List Edit

  1. Yo Gabba Gabba! Theme Song
  2. It's A Beautiful Day
  3. Explore
  4. Imagination
  5. At The Party
  6. Soak Up The Sun
  7. The Jump (Dancey Dance)
  8. Razzle Dazzle (Dancey Dance)
  9. When You Make Yourself A Friend
  10. You Never Know
  11. Heart And Soul
  12. Hallelujah
  13. As Smart As You
  14. The Goodbye Song
  15. So Long Song
  16. End Title

Quotes Edit

Quote 1: Edit

  • Cody: DJ Lance, There Something About This Story Going On Around Here, If I'm Not Sure It is.
  • DJ Lance: What's That?
  • Cody: Well, When Jesus Came to the City That Day, and He knew That He was Going to die soon, Didn't He?

Quote 2: Edit

  • Budgie: DJ Lance?
  • DJ Lance: What is It Budgie!
  • Budgie: You Can Tell Tornado the Bunny heard Something Familiar.