Kids are children. Most of the kids are alive. But Juliet goes into the Deceased characters category because she died in 2013 because of pneumonia. Brooklyn goes into the Deceased characters category because she was never born.

Kids Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Most of the kids are seven, Sadie is five, Naomi Wong is four, Dillon Metoyer is three, Brooklyn Borgquist is two, and Naomi Rossiter is one, Diego Calderon is nine, Nicolas Vargas, Jordan Robinson and Juliet Melissa Ingram are eight, and Logan Ricketts and Gracie Lamb are ten.
  • Naomi Wong likes Fish, Naomi Rossiter likes Hamburgers and Fries, Sadie likes Dollies, Dillon likes the rain, Hannah Dahl likes Turkeys, Gillian Anderton likes Spaghetti and Meatballs, Abraham Wolfgramm likes Fire Trucks, Johann Johnson likes Science, Kamryn Knapp likes Skipping, Mason Johnson likes Vegetables, Sarah Wang likes Strawberries, Garrison Raine likes Football, Keeley Larson likes Cupcakes, Xanthe and Xoe Villa likes Music, Timothy Li likes Peppers, Lamese Patterson likes French Toast,Sila Patterson loves Unicorns,Juliet Ingram likes Salsa, Sydney Shepherd likes to play the Accordion. Alyssa Augustus likes Blueberries, Damon Dahl likes Boats, Caleb loves reading books, Nathaniel likes dragons, Haydn likes Hats, Megan likes Ostriches. Skylar likes soccer. Jordan Basallo likes card games, Calista likes Bicycles, Logan Blake likes puppies, Phoenix likes Wolves, Hailey Abbott likes Sheep, Brayden Blackburn likes Robots, Quincy Doss likes to play the Drum, Imani Pullum likes Honey, Audrey Brown likes Bananas, Cole Bates likes Playgrounds, Maddie South likes Bread, Colin Niles likes Planting, Ming likes Asian Food, Logan Ricketts likes Monkeys, Gracie likes peanut butter and jelly and quesadillas, Maxon likes summer, Kelly likes birds, Evan likes tap dancing, Diego likes jumping, Nicole loves running, Seth likes the stars at night, Emma likes princesses, Oskar loves cheese, Sadie likes tomatoes. Andrea Augustus likes Meat, Aidan Masinsin likes Beans, Angel Gibbs likes Giraffes, Max Edward Fackrell likes Cars, Sean Fujiwara likes Scooters, Kate Sneddon likes Pizza, Lauren Haneke-Hopps likes Waffles, Devon Dahl likes Pancakes. Some things about them are different in an alienate universe, Brooklyn doesn't exist because of time travel. However, Naomi Rossister can talk a bit, and Brooklyn is a baby and only speaks gibberish.
  • Naomi Rossiter, Caleb Carlin, Darla Jacobs, Erica O'Barr, Ben Harvey, Alex Lee, Brooklyn Borgquist, Allison Bell, Holland Baum, Delaney Lamb, Karter Reid, Madison Lamb, Haydn Norwood, Megan Lamb, Skylar Hutcheon, Jordan Riley Basallo, Calista Witten, Logan Blake, Gracie Lamb, Maxon Schultz, Emma Blackburn, Oskar Jacobs, Sadie Templin, Kate Sneddon, Lauren Haneke-Hopps, Devon Dahl and Sophie Chamberlain are Caucasian. Sadie Mei Lin, Naomi Wong, Nicolas Vargas, Nathaniel Wong, Ke-Ming Yen and Sean Fujiwara are Asian. and Jordan Robinson, Dillon Metoyer, Logan Ricketts, Myles Caldwell and India Clash-King are African American, Karlie Pascuzzu and Phoenix Linn Wright are Filipino.