A boy with his four imaginary friends need help from a magical rock star and his magical toy robot and toys monsters to save the world.

Plot Edit

When a Big Robot-Monster decides to destroy Foster's, it's up to the Gabba's to save the day! It’s all started when Mac Foster leaves DJ Lance Rock in charge of Fosters. They meet Bloo, Coco, Eduardo, and Wilt. Suddenly, news threats them that a Robot-Monster is gonna destroy Fosters. the Gabbas stay for a while and perform with the Gang in a rock and roll concert.

The Robot-Monster captures Muno and Foofa and writes a letter to Frankie Foster. He insists if DJ Lance wants his friends back, they will meet up with a battle. Not willing to let him harm Muno and Foofa, DJ Lance, Mac, Bloo, Coco, Eduardo, and Wilt are ready for a challenge. The Robot-Monster becomes huge and a Godzilla-like Character. The Battle goes on, but who will win for Muno and Foofa’s sake?

Characters Edit