DJ Lance: Hey, there. I think Brobee is looking for something. Let's see. Hey, look, there's Toodee, too.

Toodee: Hey, Brobee, what are you doing?

Brobee: I'm looking for magic beans.

Toodee: Magic beans?

Brobee: Yeah, I think if I can find some, I can do magic.

Toodee: Um, I already found some magic beans, and I can do magic better than anyone.

Brobee: Wow, you can do magic? That's so cool. Show me, show me! Hey, everyone, come here, come here quick. Hey, hey, Toodee can do magic, and she has a lot of magic beans.

Muno, Foofa and Plex: Really?

Toodee: Um, yeah. I can do magic and I, um, and I can even fly!

Muno: Wow, you can do magic, and fly, and have magic beans! Do some now. Show us, show us!

Toodee: Um, I don't want to right now.

Muno, Foofa, Brobee and Plex: (sighs)

Plex: Toodee, are you telling the truth? Do you really have magic beans and can fly?

Toodee: No, I don't.

Muno, Foofa, Brobee and Plex: Toodee!

Plex: You tell your friends something that was not true. And now your friends don't know if they can believe you.

Muno, Foofa, Brobee and Plex: Why, why, why, why did you lie? We like you better when you tell the truth.

Brobee: You said you have magic beans and can fly!

Foofa: I thought we were friends. Why would you lie?