Season 1 Edit

  1. Eat: Goon Fishing
  2. Summer: Fairy Bubbleperson (Narrated by Isaac Acevedo)
  3. Fun: Blow Your Horn
  4. Dance: Mel's Super Swell Dance Party (Narrated by Justin Alexander)
  5. Sleep, Careful, Train: Moochie and Pooty (Narrated by Penelope and Oskar Jacobs)
  6. Sleep: The Story of the Sun and Moon (Narrated by Julie Aigner-Clark and Anasi the Spider)
  7. Happy: Friends and Feelings/Daniel's day of many Feelings (Narrated by Aspen Clark)
  8. Friends: Space Aliens
  9. Scary: The Berenstein Bears count their Blessings (Narrated by Justin Alexander)
  10. Halloween: Spooky Science Special (Narrated by Alex Lee)
  11. Greetings: Daniel's Birthday (Narrated by Sue Hulia)
  12. Move: Bruce the Moose
  13. Share: Elmo's Sweet Ride (Narrated by Brobee Eana)
  14. Find: Happy Clam Day! (Narrated by Maddie South)
  15. Words: The Meanest Thing to Say (Narrated by Kenan Thompson)
  16. Car: Naughty Gordy
  17. Together: The Big Book about Us (Narrated by Evan Strong, Toodee, and The Toodketeers)
  18. Christmas: Santa's Little Helpers (Narrated by Emily Hafen)
  19. Love: Alfcore
  20. Imagine: Charlie C

Season 2 Edit

  1. Teeth: The Alligator
  2. Birthday: Gabi is sick on her Birthday (Narrated by Oliver "Ollie" Schultz)
  3. Games: Bayou Boat Race (Narrated by Penelope Jacobs)
  4. Green: Cloudy the Cloud and Happiness Of The Earth (Narrated by Noah Winters)
  5. Talent: School Talent Show (Narrated by Pui Avid)
  6. Animals: Cammy, Jenny, and Slate
  7. Weather: Water Drops and Oil
  8. Robot: Sparky
  9. Space: Lloyd and the Asteroids and Space Adventures (Narrated By Sila Patterson and Evan Strong)
  10. Differences: Argyle the Octopus (Narrated by Oliver "Ollie" Schultz) and Weird Town (Narrated By Nyla Dorsey)
  11. Band: The Music of Sound (Narrated by Aspen Clark)
  12. Big: Sprinkles and the Bake Off
  13. Mystery: The Missing Mooky Mooky Boo Boo Towel
  14. Family: the Little Big Visitor (Narrated by Maddie South)
  15. Ride: Bike Race
  16. Boat: The Menehunes
  17. New Friends: Be a Friend (Narrated by Holland Baum)
  18. Art: The Art Show (Narrated by Roger Mendez)
  19. Dress Up: Princess and the Dragon
  20. Clean: Elmo comes Clean

Season 3 Edit

  1. School: Seymour the Skateboard (Narrated by Margaux Windes)
  2. Adventure: Pookie's Adventure (Narrated by Darla Jacobs)
  3. Nature: Ruby, Harper, Clyde
  4. Doctor: Sick Little Tree (Narrated by Darla Jacobs)
  5. Flying: Why Bears can't Fly
  6. Superhero: The Yeti
  7. Circus: Peppa's Circus (Narrated by Caleb Carlin)
  8. Fairy Tale: the New Fairy Tale (Narrated by Caleb Carlin)
  9. Clubhouse: Baby Bear and the Girls Club (Narrated by Ella Borgquist)
  10. Treasure: the Farmer's Jewels
  11. Pets: Clyde and Harry
  12. Baby: Naming the Baby
  13. Bugs: Buzzy, the Bee

Season 4 Edit

  1. Gooble: Calm Down
  2. DJ Lance's Super Music Toy Room: Save the Babies (Narrated by DJ Lance)
  3. A Very Awesome Christmas: Douglas, the Christmas Tree
  4. Show: The Last of Mary Moo Cow (Narrated by Isaac Acevedo)
  5. Mermaids: The Floating Palace (Narrated by Hallee Fernley)
  6. Olympics: Race to Win
  7. Shopping: Stubbins and the Beets (Narrated by Maddie Fretz)
  8. Gabba Revue: The Flat Tire on the Ice Cream Truck (Narrated by Ella Fretz)
  9. Super Spies: Ian the Spy
  10. Dinosaur: A Long Time Ago...
  11. Restaurant: The Amazing Restaurant (Narrated by Cricket Jacobs)
  12. Quest: Dragon Bully
  13. Farm: Sally the Dog (Narrated by Mia Fackrell)
  14. Day Camp: Unknown (Narrated by Nora and Hazel Wolfgramm)

Season 5 Edit

  1. Water: Seas Of Salty the Pirate (Narrated by Emily P. Marshall)
  2. Play: Wait Your Turn, Please (Narrated by Emily P. Marshall)
  3. Picnic: Extrodinary Picnic (Narrated By Noah Winters)
  4. Beach: Beach Party Buddies (Narrated By Evan Strong)
  5. Funtimes: Fun At The Carnival/Fun In The Summer
  6. Mountians: A Day Climbing Mount. Everest (Narrated by Emily Yeung)
  7. Mufa: I Love Love (Narrated by Isaac Acevedo)

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