Episode Guide Edit

1. High School - Songs: "School Day", "Go to High School", "Good Time at High School", "Learn" Jingle: "High School Time" Fun to: Drink some Water Mark's Magic Pictures: High School; Storytime: "High School"; Cool Tricks: High School Class Learn with Teaching Class Learn with Plex Pick a Lunch

2. Land - Songs: "Look at Land", "Land of Time", "Land Stories"; Jingle: "Living on Land"; Mark's Magic Pictures: Land; Cool Tricks: Land Planting; Dancey Dance: Land Growing, Learn with Plex: Planting a Tree

3. Gym - Songs: "Gym Time", "Running on Gym", "Yoga Time"; Jingle: "Playing in Gym"; Mark's Magic Pictures: Gym; Storytime: "Gym Class"; Cool Tricks: Flexing Muscles in Gym, Learn with Plex: Playing Basketball

4. Sea - Songs: "Look at Sea", "Sea of Time","Sea Stories"; Jingle: "Living on Sea" Mark's Magic Pictures: Sea; Cool Tricks: Sea Planting, Learn With Plex: Planting a Seaweed