The following are episodes from Season 6.

Episode GuideEdit

1. Dragon - Songs: "Dragon Teeth", "Castle for Dragons", "Dragon Eggs"; Jingle: "Dragons"; Mark's Magic Pictures: Dragon; Storytime: "Dragons"; Cool Tricks: Dragon Hatches Learn with Plex Roar Dragon

2. Pizza - Songs: "Make a Pizza", "Pepperoni", "Eating Pizza"; Jingle: "Pizza Time"; Mark's Magic Pictures: Pizza; Cool Tricks: Making a Pizza; Dancey Dance: Pizza Pepperoni Learn with Plex Eating Pizza

3. Rain - Songs: "Rain is Clouds", "On a Rains", "Splash With Me"; Jingle: "I Love the Rain"; Mark's Magic Pictures: Rain Cloud; Storytime: "Raincoat"; Cool Tricks: Splash with Rain Learn with Plex Splash Puddle

4. Swimming Pool - Songs: "Water", "Pool Time", "Taking a Wet"; Jingle: "Swim"; Mark's Magic Pictures: Pool; DJ Lance Dance: "Swim over the Pool"; Storytime: "Swim in the Pool"; Cool Tricks: Swimming with Water Learn With Plex Splash Pool

5. Sing Along - The Name Game, Hold Still, Party In My Tummy, Learn with Plex - Work Your Computer