Season 5 is the 5th season of Yo Gabba Gabba!

Episode Guide Edit

1.Water - Songs: "Just a little Drip", "Drinking water is good for you", "Swimming in the Sea", "Scrubbing the Floor" Jingle: "Dive" by the Sinkies, Fun to: Drink some Water Dancey Dance: "the Electric Eel" with Logan McWillard Biz's Beat of the Day: Grandma Elephant Crying in Bed Numbers: Raindrops Cool Tricks: Harrison Johnson shows us that Water is good for you Super Music Friends Show: "Deeper in the Ocean" by the Martians Funny Faces: Tounge Bundle Storytime: How the Sea became Salty Learn With Plex Water Drinking

2. Play - Songs: Don't Take it Away, Sing (from Sesame Street), Do Re Mi Jingle: Hello Hello by Super Simple Songs and the Salteens Fun to: Share your Toys Dancey Dance: "the Jump" with Caroline Botelho Funny Faces: Puffed Cheeks Biz's Beat of the Day Numbers: Food Cool Tricks: Peter Linz plays the Drums Super Music Friends Show: "Anyone Can Play" by One Direction DJ Lance Dance: Happy Dance Stortyime: Better Learn to Wait your Turn Play Pretend: Bunny

3. Picnic - Jingle: Havin' a Picnic by Anny David Learn with Plex Eating Picnic

4. Beach - Songs: "I Like Boats", " Don't Be Afraid","Try It You'll Like It"," Party On The Beach ft Evan Strong and Evan Gilbert ", "Kites are Fun","Sand,Sun,Water","Keep Trying","Share Megamix","Goodbye". Jingle: Beside the Seaside by Moose and Zee Cool Tricks: Anthony Field plays guitar DJ Lance Dance: The Funky Penguin Learn With Plex Take a Trip

5. Funtimes - Songs: Jingle: "Have Fun" by Fall Out Boy Fun To: Sing Dance Dance: Biz's Beat of the Day Super Music Friends Show: Clap your Hands by They Might be Giants Cool Tricks: Abbie Fretz does gymnastics

6. Mountains -

7. Cave - Jingle: Spot on Yikes by Milkshake Cool Tricks: Evan Strong does Karate while Playing the clarinet Dancey Dance: the Creep with Jon Stewart Super Music Friends Show: I Like Caves by Red Hot Chili Peppers Color with Brobee Black

8. Canada Treehouse Tv

9. Shapes Play with Games Foofa Maze

10. Bubble Guppies Sing Along

11. Yo Gabba Gabba's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival Learn With Plex Take a Bath

12. Groovin' Sing Along From The 60’s

13. Sesame Street Platinum All-Time Favorites

14. Discovery - Jingle: Up in the Air by Baby Genius

15. ArcadeJingle: Arcade Fun by Luke Jones and Duron King, Play Pretend with Muno: Skater, Mini Jingle: Let's Play and Slay by Damon Strong and Sarah Strong, Super Music Friends Show: Good Gaming Time by Rising Stars (the members are Luke Jones, Duron King, Sean King, Jacob King, Jayden King and The Wolfgramms), Cool Tricks: Jordan Kim designing and showcasing Luke Jones's video game, Numbers: Prizes, Game with Foofa: Maze, Funny Faces: Thumb to Nose, Storytime: Gamer Girl vs. Gamer Boy (Narrated by Damon Strong) I Like To Play: Video Games with Luke Jones, Biz's Beat of the Day, Listen to Sounds With Toodee: Ticket Machine, Colors with Brobee: Galaxy and Neon, Learn With Plex: Pick a Prize, Dancey Dance: The Pentagon Bounce with Damon Strong, DJ Lance Dance: The Eagle has Landed

16. Mufa - Jingle: "Time" by Try-Fecta Trifecta