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Season 4 was cleared for production in March 2011. A number of unreleased episodes have been referred to by online sources. Nickelodeon's website hosted clips from a number of them as well. Four episodes were first broadcast in January 2015.

Episode Guide Edit

54. Gooble - Songs: "Cheer Up", "Don't Be Scared"; Jingle: "Everyone Is Happy" by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart; Biz's Beat of the DayMark's Magic Pictures: Spooky Ghost; DJ Lance Dance: Happy Zombie; Storytime: "Calm Down"; Keyboards with Greg;

55. A Very Awesome Christmas - Songs: "Ready For Christmas", "Make It Yourself", "Holiday Lights"; Jingle: "To Give a Present" by James Husband; Storytime: "Douglas the Christmas Tree"; Madelyn, Brian and The Band perform "Hot Chocolate"; DJ Lance and The Gabbaland Choir perform "Christmas Is Upon Us", Note: Unique show opening and titles

56. Show - Super Music Friends Show: "Just Because It's Different Doesn't Mean It's Scary" by I'm From Barcelona; Super Music Friends Show: "Mama Loves Baby" by Solange Knowles; Cool Tricks: Josh plays drums and eats lunch at the same time; Jingle: Everybody Has A Talent; Super Music Friends Show: "Spaceship Adventure" by Brandon, Ronnie, Mark & Dave (AKA The Killers); DJ Lance Dance: The Dance Machine; Super Music Friends Show: "Try Again" by The Shins; Super Music Friends Show: "Lovely, Love My Family" by The Roots

57. Mermaids - Songs: "Swim, Swim, Swim", "Just the Same", "Undersea Dance Contest"; Storytime: "Harris & Toby"; Mark's Magic Pictures: "Little Fish Guy", Numbers: "Undersea Friends", Jingle: "Mermaid, Will You Rescue Me?" by Memoryhouse

58. Olympics - Songs: "We Can Do Anything", "Yo Gabba-lympics", "We Are All Winners"; Jingle: "The Clapping Song" by Bibio; Biz's Beat of the DayDancey Dance: "The Rainbow Drop" with Bill Hader; Cool Tricks: Kayla performs Acrobatics

59. Shopping - Songs: "Let's All Make a List", "Stick Together", "If You Break It, You Buy It"; Jingle: "Pancakes & Syrup" by Biz Markie; Mark's Magic Pictures: "Bag of Groceries"; Cool Tricks: Greg Hawkes plays the ukulele; DJ Lance Dance: "The Shopping Cart", Storytime: "Stubbins & The Beets"

60. Super Spies - Songs: "Bad Spy", "One Of The Good Spies", "Chasing Down The Bad Spy", "Balloon Party"; Jingle: "Amazing Disguise" by Stars; Storytime: "Ian The Spy"; Spying NumbersNote: DVD release: April 17, 2013

61. Dinosaurs - Songs: "Dinosaurs Are Really Really", "Plants Or Meat", "Sleepytime" Jingle: "Dinosaur" by CSS; Mark's Magic Pictures: "Tyrannasaurus Rex"; Dancey Dance: "The Caveman Kaboom with Patton"; Knock-Knock Joke of the DayDJ Lance Dance: "T-Rex Stomp"; Jingle: "Atomic Frogs" by George Clinton

62. Restaurant - Songs: "Choices", "Let's Be Awesome While We Wait", "Mind Our Manners" Jingle: "Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie" by Toro y Moi; Cool Tricks: Balancing toothpicks with Steve, Caleb, and Kayla; DJ Lance Dance: "Noodle Twirl"; Storytime: "Amazing Restaurant"

63. Quest - Songs: "You Can Do It", "Don't Listen to the Bullies", "I'll Do Anything For My Friends", Jingle: "You Can Do It" by Belle and Sebastian; Storytime: "Dragon Bully"; Mark's Magic Pictures: "Dragon"

64. Farm - Songs: "On The Farm", "Loving Mother Nature"; Jingle: "Living on a Farm" by The High Llamas; Funny FaceDancey Dance: "The Super Sizzlin' Ho Down Party Dance" with Farmer Josh; Storytime: "Sally the Dog";

65. Day Camp - Songs: "Who Am I? Game", "Follow The Leader", "We Are A Family, We Are A Team"; Jingle: "Going to Day Camp" by Rocketship; Biz's Beat of the DayKnock-Knock Joke of the DayDJ Lance Dance: "Canoe Ride"; Craft Time: T-Shirts with Todd; Cool Tricks: Peyton and Megan Masjid perform Boom Clap Snap;

66. DJ Lance's Super Music and Toy Room - Songs: "Ask If You Can Pick It Up", "Look Around", "Party Today"; Knock Knock Joke of the DayBiz's Beat of the DayMark's Magic Pictures: Magic Star; Jingle: "Birds" by Erykah Badu; Note: Unique show opening and titles