Scared is the 61st Super Music Friends Show segment. It appearead in Yo Gabba Gabba's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival and it's performed by Lisa and Michael from Milkshake.

Kids Edit


There's a hole in the fence in the back of my yard

I like to sneak out but I never go far

All kinds of things hanging out in the tree

And I don't like the way they're looking at me 

I get scared of creepy things

Bats that bite and bugs that sting

I get scared and I don't know why

I'll get over it by and byl

downstairs there's a door to à tiny Room

It's just a closet but I sware broom moves

I hear noises in the middle of the night

It sounds like it's coming from outside

I get scared and I wanna run

I get scared and its no fun

The world can be a spooky place

If you hold my hand I'll be ok

OOO, and I think of it

Im not gonna be afraid

Got everything I neeed

and Mommy and Daddy's love

Mom scares goblins and ghosts

And noises in the night

They're all just in my mind

And now I'm alright!

Looking at the window in the dark night sky

Im turning on the lights where my kitty cat hides

Lightning Thunder Wind and Rain

My brother thinks it's cool

But I think I'm not entertained

I get scared and I can't explain

I shake like a house in a hurricane

I get scared so please stay near

and I'm not a fool up here

I get scared like everyone else

I get scared all by myself

I'm not scared (2x)

Try not to be

I'm not scared


Scared - Jack's Big Music Show - Music For Kids By Milkshake

Scared - Jack's Big Music Show - Music For Kids By Milkshake