Gooble: How can you tell a Goobketeer?

Toodee, Brooklyn Borgquist, and the Goobketeers: He's the one with the thumb in his ear!

Brooklyn: Ga-Ga!

Gooble: the Goobketeer meeting is now in session!

Lance: Hello Friends! Hey, it looks like Gooble Toodee and some kids are playing together, Look, there they are!

Brooklyn: Baydah!

Toodee: Wait, when you put your thumb in your ear during the Goobketeer cheer, that's hand talk right?

(music starts)

(music ends)

My Name is Jasper!

I like to Dance!

(music starts)

(music ends)

(Brobee sighs)

Gooble: Well if it isn't that green kid with autism I hear all the way at Gabbaland. What's Up?

Brobee: I told a bunch of the Kids from Yo Gabba Gabba that I was starting up the Brobketeer club again, but nobody is showing up.

Gooble: Who wants to be in a silly club called 'the Brobketeers'?

Brobee: Well, Plex has the Plexketeers, and you have the Goobketeers

Gooble: Being a Goobketeer makes sense, you get to do Gooble things.

Brobee: While the Brobketeers get to do Brobee things, like visit Brobeeland. And every Brobketeer gets to wear its very own Brobee hat, and Brobee shirt or dress. And look, here comes the first Brobketeer now!

Gooble: Archibald, why in the world do you want to be a Brobketeer Archibald?

Archibald: I like visiting Brobeeland

Gooble (crying): Good Grief!

The Kids: Brobee!

Brobee: And there come a bunch more Brobketeers. C'mon kids, this is great, we've got a real club now! I'd like to call the first Brobketeer meeting to order. Let's start by doing our Brobketeer cheer!

Kids: Wave your arms and jump up high (9x)

Gooble (sad): How long does this ridiculous hello go on here?

Brobee: It's a short meeting Gooble, because DJ Lance says I have to eat my lunch now. But tomorrow we're going to have Sing-Along Day!

Kids: Yay!

Brobee: Now let's end with the Brobketeer goodbye

Kids: Wave your arms and jump up high (9x)

(Gooble crying)

My name is !

I like to Dance!