They first appeared in Play.

Age: 7,9,and 10

Side: Muno,Foofa,and Plex

8 bit game: Brush Up (Preston),Arcade of Doom (Marina),Balloon Trouble (Jake) Race To The Finish Line (All)

Toy: Tractor (Preston), Toy Train (Marina),Lizard (Jake) Motorcycle (All)

Colors Of Toys: Blue (Tractor), Pink (Toy Train), Orange (Lizard)

Toy Music: Hunting Dinos (All),Future Stars (Jake),Imagine Anything (Preston), Ambient - Peaceful (Marina)

Appearances Edit

  • Preston wears a Blue Muno Sweater
  • Marina wears a Pink Foofa Sweater.
  • Jake wears a Orange Plex Sweater