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Plex and Plexee in Foofa Land, standing behind a flower bush. Plex is a yellow robot with silver arms, and Plexee looks very similar, other than the fact she's a lot smaller and has some pink antennas and a bow.

Plexee and Plex together, from the episode Baby.

Plexee is Plex's baby niece. She appears in "Baby" and "Day Camp." She is voiced by Penelope Jacobs. She is 1 year old, but sometimes, she is 2, as mentioned in the episode "Baby". She was born on 20 May 2007.

Plexee looks very similar to Plex, having the same bright yellow, cylindrical body with blocky yellow hands and feet. She has the same shiny, silver metallic arms and legs. She also has three pink antennas on her head, two on either side and one on top, which is topped with a pink bow. Her screen looks almost identical to Plex, the only difference being she has small eyelashes.