They first appeared in Love.

Side: Brobee, Plex, Toodee, and Foofa

Age: 9 (Ollie and India) 10 (Madison and Gabreon)

Gender: Male and Female

Phrase: Love Yourself. (Ollie and Madison) Loving is a muscle. (Gabreon and India)

8 bit game: Riverboat Racer (Ollie and India) and Race to the Finish Line (Madison and Gabreon)

Toy: Gift Train (Ollie) Hawaiian Beach (Madison) Party Horn (All) Motorcycle (Gabreon) Ice Cream Truck (India)

Toy Music: Dancing Ducks (Ollie) Emerald Waltz (India) Seashore Swing (Madison) Speedy Racer (Gabreon) Chill Vibes (All)