Not to be confused with Nathaniel McDonald.

Nathaniel's first appearance was Happy, then he returned in Treasure.

Age: 6 & 8

Side: Muno and Plex

Gender: Male

Phrase: Trust yourself.

8-bit game: Ball Pit Swing and Pirate Ship Treasure

Toy: Dinosaur (Toy)

Color Of Toy: yellow, green, purple, pink, orange. Color of Spines: green, blue, red, olive, brown.

Toy Music: Dino Dreams

Appearance Edit

In Happy, he is a boy with a blue sweater which has Muno on it complete with tan jeans and black Vans shoes.

In Treasure, he is a boy with a red shirt which has Plex on it complete with green jeans and white shoes with red writing on the bottom.

Trivia Edit

He has a sister named Naomi.

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