Sunday September 30th

Can I put on the infobox for Funtimes? that you and I wrote and directed it. Go to Lamese Patterson and join the live chat

Saturday October 6th

Go to Episode 14: “Car” and join the live chat Tiernan We need to have a talk

Sunday October 7th

Could you delete kids with syndrome from Evan Strong please

Honeybee 240

Saturday October 13th

Tiernan could the Super Music Friends Show in Funtimes be changed to Pajama Party Time and they all wear pajamas in the whole episode?

Reply Please

Hey Maddie and Tiernan I was just telling you if you look at my page I made a wiki cool right. Join Now :D

Monday November 19th

Please read Sunday October 13th and remove the category kids with medical conditions and kids with down syndrome from Evan Strong find me at Bonfire Bash and join the live chat Tiernan.