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Mermaids is the 12th episode of Yo Gabba Gabba! from Season 4. In this episode, Foofa and Toodee become mermaids and go on an underwater adventure with Tammy the Mermaid.



  • The guests who attend the dance contest with the animated fish are Shelly and the Saltwater Fish Band from "Boat" and the Star Creature from "Superhero".
  • This is the second episode in which DJ Lance does not say, "Let's remember all the fun things we did today!"
  • This is the only episode in which DJ Lance says "Welcome back, guys!" instead of "But first..."
  • DJ Lance says, "We had such an awesome mermaid adventure!" instead of "Today sure was an exciting day!"
  • The Super Music Friends Show appears on the Oceanwide TV instead of the small portable red one.
  • The characters who watch the Super Music Friends Show are Foofa, Toodee, and Tammy.
  • This marks the final appearance of The Swami.
  • DJ Lance does not say, "Yo! It's almost time to go!" in his normal voice. Instead, he echoes it.
  • Also at the very beginning and end of the Super Music Friends Show segment, Tammy introduces it instead of DJ Lance as he announces per usual and also shouts "Listening and dancing to music is... AWESOME!" before cutting to the Numbers segment.
  • A child named Tyler Russell doesn't appear in this episode, but he is credited.


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