Madeline's first appearance was Sleep.

Side: Toodee

Age: 2

Gender: Female

Phrase: Never give up on your dreams.

8-bit game: Riverboat Racer

Quotes Edit

"ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY and Z. Now I know my ABCs next time won’t you sing with me"

- Aspen, Dakota, Sierra, Dylan, Gabrielle, and Madeline

"No, No, No"

- Madeline

"Yellow Rabbit"

- Madeline


- Madeline


- Madeline


- Madeline

About her Edit

About Madeline Edit

You might recognize Madeline from her previous appearances on Baby Einstein as a toddler. She LOVES to sing in the Big Blue Car. She is the Lead Singer! Also, she wants to play Dead. But, She's still alive!

Trivia Edit

  • Madeline has been on Teeny Shakespeare and Teeny Van Gogh when she was a nauseatingly adorable toddler. She was 2 or 3 years old at the time, and couldn't talk, speaking in baby gibberish.
  • She remembers her mother giving birth to her.
  • Time Travel caused her not to exist.