Love is the 19th episode of Yo Gabba Gabba!. It air on Valentines Day of 2008

In this episode, the Gabba gang learns about loving things.

Guest Stars Edit

  • The Postmarks
  • Mark Mothersbaugh

Super Music Friends Show Edit

"Balloons" featuring the Postmarks

Jingle Edit

"I Found Love" featuring Trembling Blue Stars

Kids Edit

8-bit games Edit

Segments Edit

  • Keep Trying (Toodee and Foofa)", "I Love You", "I Love Flowers", "Be Nice To Everyone (With DJ Lance solo)";
  • Jingle: "I Found Love" by Trembling Blue Stars;
  • Mark's Magic Pictures: Elephant
  • Numbers: Surfing (Five)
  • DJ Lance Dance: "The March"
  • Storytime: "Alfcore
  • Play with Game with Foofa: Unicorn