My Name Is Xanthe

My Name Is Xoe

We Like To Dance


I will teach you....a little word I know.

What to say....when you meet someone new.

Hello! What's your name?

Hello! Do you wanna play?

Hello! Ump, yeah! I love the word "hello".


Now I'll Teach You The Word To Try

It's Very Polite To Say Goodbye

Goodbye See You Later

Goodbye Be Back Verizon

Goodbye Oh Will Miss You

Goodbye That's The Word To Use

Yeah-yeah-eah-eah-ah 2

Hello, goodbye 4

Video Edit

Yo Gabba HelloGoodbye

Yo Gabba HelloGoodbye

A slightly low quality rip

Yo Gabba Gabba 'Hello'

Yo Gabba Gabba 'Hello'

Full length animation