This Is the 22nd episode of Yo Gabba Gabba Season 5.

Plot Edit

Ava wants to get to know the Gabba Gang a bit better. So they become playful.

Kids Edit

8 bit games Edit

Toys Edit

Segments Edit

  • First The Theme Song plays
  • Song- Bubbles
  • DJ Lance Dance- The Boing
  • 8 bit game- Isaac and Logan play The Path
  • Song- Don't Bite Your Friends
  • Ella appears  
  • Funny Faces- Puffed Cheeks  
  • 8 bit game- Evan and Max play Race To The Finish Line  
  • Storytime- Moochy And Pooty- Havin' Fun 
  • Toy- Marina and Ella ride their Toy Train  
  • Song- Don't Throw Things at Friends  
  • Toy- Alex rides his Boogie Board  
  • Preston, Marina, and Jake appear  
  • Super Martian Robot Girl- The Cobra Man 
  • Toy- Isaac and Logan ride their Football  
  • Play Pretend With Muno- Monkey 
  • 8 bit game- Alex plays Finding Brobee 
  • Game With Foofa- Matching Animals 
  • 8 bit game- Marina plays Arcade Of Doom 
  • Sounds With Toodee- Waves 

Songs Edit

  • Bubbles
  • Baby Steps,Big Steps
  • Wait Your Turn and Jumpy, Jump, Jump
  • Don't Bite Your Friends
  • Don't Throw Things At Friends

Trivia Edit

  • This is based on Lamese's favorite Yo Gabba Gabba scenes and it was his dream.
  • Brobee fell asleep beside DJ Lance at the beginning of The Freeze Game, so the whole time he stayed in the boombox because he was sick. He didn't appear in Bubbles or Baby Steps,Big Steps either
  • All Kids appeared in Swashbuckle and Bubble's Beautiful Day.