Games is the 22nd episode of Yo Gabba Gabba! and the 2nd episode of the 2nd season.

Synopsis Edit

The Gabba gang play various games and try to follow the rules of the games.

Segments Edit

  • First The Theme Song Plays
  • Max,Rory,Evan,Lucas,and Jayden appear
  • Jingle- Play With Me by The Clientele
  • Toy- Kim rides her Tractor
  • Mark's Magic Pictures
  • 8 bit game- Rory plays Bubble Trouble
  • Nicholas,Spongebob,Daniel,and Patrick appear
  • Storytime- Bayou Boat Race
  • Toy- Rory rides his Lizard
  • Cool Tricks- Jacqueline Paris plays the flute on her nose
  • 8 bit game- Jayden plays Build It Up
  • Margux appears
  • Knock Knock Joke Of The Day- Police
  • 8 bit game- Beth plays Painting Windows
  • Colors With Brobee- Teal
  • 8 bit game- Brian and Brayden play Knock on a Friend's House
  • Jada appears
  • Games for Foofa- Matching Game
  • Toy- Brian rides his Mini Orbiter
  • Listen To Sounds With Toodee- Computer Keyboard
  • Toy- Brayden rides his Dog
  • Henry appears
  • Funny Faces- Puffed Cheeks
  • Toy- Lucas,Evan,Spongebob,Max,and Patrick ride their Motorcycle
  • Mark's Magic Pictures- Golf Course
  • 8 bit game- Evan and Max play Skateboard Bonanza
  • Isaac,Brayden,and Logan appear
  • Numbers- Transportation (in 8-bit version) (With the Kids being: Evie Pickerill Kingswinford,Caleb Carlin,Jack Dorsey,and Sarah Strong)
  • 8 bit game- Spongebob plays Go Kart Fun!
  • Jokes,Puns,or Knock-Knock Jokes With Brobee- Tank
  • Toy- Logan and Isaac ride their Cardboard Box
  • Beth appears
  • Super Martian Robot Girl- Glitchers (Read By: Muno)
  • Coming Soon!!!

Kids Edit

  • Margaux
  • Jada
  • Maxston
  • Rory
  • Beth
  • Ashley
  • Lucas
  • Spongebob
  • Isaac and Brayden
  • Evan and Max
  • Jayden
  • Brian
  • Henry
  • Kim