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Foofa is a carnation pink female cornflower bubble that is pink and happy and one of the main characters in Yo Gabba Gabba!. Living in Foofa Land appropriately, a spring meadow full of flowers and sunshine realm in between Muno Land and Brobee Land. She is the first female to be introduced in the show alongside Toodee. She has a big brother named Fooful, who loves to surf. She loves unicorns, rainbows, flowers, and plays the tambourine in the show's band. Her hobbies are watering cornflowers, whistling, playing her tambourine, and riding her bike.

She is covered with pink head to toe that has a huge flower on her head; light pink petals and a yellow stigma in the middle. She also has the same colored petals around her neck and has a rounded body with 4 eyelashes, just like Toodee.

Foofa is sweet, kind-hearted, giggly, caring, happy, and super friendly and is not afraid to introduce themselves to new friends. She can be a bit sensitive around animals and feels like she is going to quit but never stops giving up. Even she likes to watch, feed, and pet the animals in Gabba Land; cute baby animals are her favorite. Foofa also loves anything cute and cuddly, even when she dreams about unicorns. She adores her land with all of the types of flowers sprinkled throughout, so she takes her time take care of them and smell the land's beauty. She is also creative with her painting skills and seems to be a girly-girl for most of the show. She can even get her hands dirty (literally) when she is planting in her land. Foofa can also calm down animals or her friends when they get scared, even when she has to comfort Muno on more than one occasion, even show some symbol of love to them too.


  • Foofa, alongside Toodee and Plex, was made exclusively for Yo Gabba Gabba!
  • She had 3 costume characters changes throughout the show; one of them was in the pilot episode in 2006, but that didn't stuck into the actual show.
  • Foofa had a handful of costume performers during its run. Emilia Gazzoni (Series 0), Emma Jacobs (Series 0 - Series 4), Nichole Drew (Series 1 - Series 4) and Anna Hundtoft (Series 3 - Series 4).

First version of Foofa in the Pilot episode in 2006