Find is the 16th episode of Yo Gabba Gabba! 


This episode is about finding new and unusual things in Gabbaland.

Synopsis Edit

Toodee and Brobee find fish in the water, Plex plays peekaboo with his friends, and Muno and Brobee find strange holes in a tree.

Segments Edit

  • "I Like Fish", "Peek-A-Boo", "What Is It?", "Keep Trying (Toodee and Brobee)"
  • Jingle: "Come and Play" by The Little Ones; 
  • Listen to Sounds with Toodee Pig
  • Dancey Dance: "Mini Spinny" with Sean Kingston
  • Mark's Magic Pictures: Truck; 
  • Cool Tricks: Rahzel performs Beatboxing; 
  • Funny Face: Tongue to Nose; 
  • Learn with Plex Wash Your Hands

Kids Edit

8-bit games Edit