Emily first appeared in Halloween, Christmas, Careful, Imagine, Treasure, Gooble, Adventure, School, Bugs, Birthday, Adventure, Nature, Dress Up, Flying, Talent, and Superhero.

Side: Toodee, Foofa, Winter Clothes, a Mermaid costume, Gooble, Antennas, Brobee, a Dog costume, a Teacher Costume, a Singer Dress, and a Cape

Age: 7, 8, 9, & 10

Gender: Female

Goal: Actress

Phrase: Halloween means to me Christmas, being careful, imagining with Treasure, Gooble going on adventures, searching for bugs, going to school and having my birthday in nature, playing dress up while flying, having a talent show and pretending to be a superhero.

8-bit game: Goodbye Gunk!, Help! (with Lauren), Riverboat Racer(with Evan Strong), Underwater Treasure, Flying Objects(2x), Cars and Buildings (with Maddie), Present for Foofa, Foofa and Plex Race, Music Magic, On Top of the World, and Wonder Kid (with Annalena Jacobs)

Toy: Teeth Toy, Magic Fish, Lizard, Dinosaur, Party Horn (with Evan Strong), Motorcycle, Robots, Birthday Cake (with Isaac), Popsicle Stick House, Toy Box, Plane, Watering Can, and Pencil

Trivia Edit

  • She has her own television show called This Is Emily Yeung.
  • Her triplet sisters are named Ella Yeung and Abbie Yeung.