Eat is the first episode of Yo Gabba Gabba. it talks about nutrition and trying new food.


The Gabba Friends eat.

Segments Edit

  • Songs: Party in My Tummy (Brobee)",Snacky, Snack, Snack", Try It, You'll Like It" "Clean It Up
  • Jingle: "Be Nice To Animals" by The Salteens;
  • Learn With Plex: Brush Your Teeth
  • Dancey Dance: "The Puppetmaster" with Elijah Wood
  • Mark Magic Pictures  Potato Bug;
  • Numbers: "Counting With Food (Four)";
  • Funny Faces: Thumbs in Ears
  • Storytime: "Goon Fishin"
  • Digital Unicorn Eat Megamix and Credits

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