Season 1Edit

  • Eat - Elijah Wood does the Puppet Master
  • Dance - Hector Jimenez does the Jumping Jellyfish
  • Friends - Mya teaches the The Peanut Buter Stomp
  • Scary - Leslie Hall and the DJ Juniors teach the Razzle Dazzle
  • Move - Tony Hawk teaches how to ride a skateboard.
  • Find - Sean Kingston teaches The Mini Spinney
  • Car - Sugarland teaches the Electric Eel
  • Together - Nikki Flores teaches the Twirly Whirly
  • Train - Laila Ali teaches the Dog
  • Christmas - The Snow Princess teaches the Snowy Jingle

Season 2Edit

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Season 3Edit

  • Flying - The Cast of Freaks and Geeks does the Balloon Ride

Season 4 Edit

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Season 5 Edit

  • Funtimes - Cat Sandion, Rebecca Keatley, Andy Day, and Sidney Sloane teach the Balloon Ride