Not to be confused with Curtis Bucher, Jonathan Bucher, Jonathan Albertson, John S. Tgsacaloz. John McCune, Johnathan Cruz, John Acevedo, John Thompson, John Carr, John Linnell, Alexis Fowlkes, Indy Miller, India Alter, or India Clash-King.

They first appeared in Taking Off.

Side: Plex, Foofa, and Toodee

Age: 5 (Curtis and Jon-Jon), 6 (Alexis), and 7 (Indy)

Gender: Male and Female

Phrase: I have completely taken off (Curtis), I'm like an airplane taking off! (Jon-Jon), Never stop asking questions! (Alexis), Trust Yourself (Indy).

8-bit game: Brush Up (Curtis and Jon-Jon), Flying Objects (Alexis and Indy), and Inside the Haunted House (All)

Toy: Lizard (Curtis and Jon-Jon), Dog (Alexis and Indy), and Motorcycle (All)