Chris and Pui first appeared in Short Story, Careful, Talent, Baby, Dinosaur, Getting To Know The Gabba Gang, and Things That Go.

Side: Brobee and Foofa

Age: 7 & 4

Gender: Male and Female

Phrase: Show Me Show Me a Teddy Bear, Show Me Show Me your Hair, Show Me Show Me your pet cat (Meow), Show Me Show Me your Winter Hat. Show Me Show Me your favorite toy, Show Me Show Me Chris and Pui.

8-bit game: Go Kart Fun! (Chris), Riverboat Racer (Pui), Popeye (Chris), Truckin' Kid (Pui), Skateboard Bonanza (Pui), and The Path

Toy: Ladybug (Chris), Dog (Pui), Dinosaur, Robots (Chris), Sponge (Pui), Firetruck (Pui), and Banana

Toy Music: Astronaut's Race, Singing Music, and Rondo Allegro

Trivia Edit

  • In their game in Things That Go, Chris rescues Pui instead of Muno.