They first appeared in Fun and Games.

Gender: Male and Female

Age: 10 (Carlos, Jayden, Maren, Brandon, and Ethan) and 9 (Jackie,Felicity,Gabriel,and Mackinzie)

Side: Muno,Foofa,Plex,Toodee,and Brobee

Phrase: Coming Soon!!!

8 bit game: Bubble Trouble (Mackinzie and Jackie),Brobee Affair (Gabriel and Ethan), Wonder Kid (Brandon and Jayden) Riverboat Racer (Felicity,Carlos,and Maren)

Toy: Mini Orbiter (Ethan and Felicity) Eggs (Gabriel and Jackie) Carrot (Maren and Carlos with Max and Harper Acevedo) Trophy (Jayden and Brandon)

Toy Music: Giggling Tommy (Ethan and Felicity) Bubble Blues (Maren and Carlos) Laughing Luna (Jackie and Gabriel) Rocket Race (Jayden and Brandon)