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Brobee is one of the main characters. He is a small, furry and green monster who lives in a fall themed place called Brobee land. He plays the drums, and is the only main character whose facial expression can change; his mouth can be flipped upside down to form a frown and vice versa. Brobee is often subjected to trying different foods.

Brobee is the shortest out of the main Yo Gabba Gabba! cast, also being the youngest. He is a green furry monster, with horizontal dark green stripes across his body, dark green feet and dark green hands. He has three bright red spikes on the top of his head, a large unibrow, and a red lips on his mouth. His arms are also very long, despite his size.


  • Brobee only makes a cameo in the episode Mystery in the Super Music Friends Show and the ending segments.
  • He is shown to be a rather picky eater, having multiple songs directed to him about trying new foods.
  • Because of his long arms, he usually likes to wave them around, sometimes hitting people on accident, as shown in the song Hands To Yourself.
  • Brobee's expy is from "Weedy the Broccoli Bee", a villain from The Aquabats! Super Show.