Birthday is the 21st episode of Yo Gabba Gabba! and the 1st ep of the 2nd season.

Synopsis Edit

Segments Edit

  • First the Theme Song Plays
  • Preston Rex, Preston Taylor, Isaac Acevedo,Evan Strong,Jack Dorsey,Daniel Vasquez,Brayden Strong Emily Yeung, Aspen Jarvis, Sierra Jarvis, Brobee Eana, Evie Pickerill, Curtis, Jon Jon, Alexis, and Indy Donn appear
  • Jingle: "Happy Birthday" by Tyger Ryder
  • 8 bit game- Lucy plays Stack Em' Up
  • Biz's Beat of The Day
  • Toy- Leah rides her Ostrich
  • Cool Tricks: Baking special birthday cakes
  • Dancey Dance: Birthday Party Dancey Dance with Melora Hardin