Not to be confused with Aspen Ryder, Aspen Clark, or Aspen Strong.

Aspen first appeared in Careful, then she returned in Christmas, Birthday, Nature, Flying, and A Very


Awesome Christmas. She has a sister named Sierra Jarvis.

Special Appearance: Meet Ava with Sierra

Side: Brobee, Toodee, and Foofa

Age: 2, 3, 4, & 5

Gender: Female

Goal: Bus Cleaner, Taxi Driver, Hospital Doctor, and Granny

Phrase: Why did Mozart get rid of all of his chickens? Because they kept going Bach, Bach, Bach, Bach!

8-bit game: On Top of the World, Painting Windows, Bubble Trouble, Flying Bed, Riverboat Racer, and Walking, Walking (with Sierra)

Toy: Mini Orbiter, Robots, Sub Sandwich, Toy Train, Dinosaur, and Police Car (with Sierra)

Toy Color: Different Colors (Mini Orbiter), Gold (Robot), Dark Green (Toy Train), Light Green (Dinosaur), Light Blue (Dinosaur Spine), and White (Police Car)

Toy Music: Peaceful, Always on my Mind, Writing the Future, Human Evolution, Emerald Waltz, and Electronic

Appearance Edit

  • In Careful, she wore a pink Foofa sweater with black tights and pink ballerina shoes.
  • In Christmas, she wore purple Toodee overalls with blue tights and black ballerina shoes.
  • In Birthday, she was a Brobketeer and wore three red horns on her head.
  • In Nature, she wore a yellow Foofa dress with black leggings and black ballerina shoes.
  • In Flying, she wore a yellow Toodee dress with black and white socks and pink shoes,
  • In A Very Awesome Christmas, she wore a yellow Foofa sweater with blue jeans and black Vans shoes.

Trivia Edit