Not to be confused with Andy, Sid, Cat, and Rebecca, Andy Rivers, Andy Sloane, Andrew Webster, Andy Samburg, Andrew Aburto, Sid and Sam, Sidney "Sid" Jones, Catherine Fields, Catherine Stevenson, Cat "Catherine or Cathy" Patterson, Cat Jones, Cat Sandion, Rebecca Gallo, Rebecca Taylor, Rebecah Acevedo, Rebecca Harris, Rebecca Fish, Rebecca Lavender, or Rebecca and Cat Day.

Andy, Sid, Cat, and Rebecca first appeared in CBeebies Party.

Side: Muno, Brobee, Foofa, and Toodee

Age: 4, 5, 6, & 7

Gender: Male and Female

Phrase: My Favorite CBeebies show is Stargazing, what's yours? (Andy), My Favorite CBeebies show is Octonauts, what's yours? (Sid), My Favorite CBeebies Show is Go Jetters, What's Yours? (Cat), My Favorite CBeebies Show is Bing, What's Yours? (Rebecca)

8-bit game: Gazing Stars (Andy), Underwater Treasure (Sid), Around the World! (Cat), and Brush Up (Rebecca)

Toy: Shooting Star (Andy), Submarine (Sid), Globe (Cat), and Bunny (Rebecca)

Music played in Toys: Dreaming Of Butterflies (Andy), Great White Shark March (Sid), Fish Squelsh (Cat), and A Booga Booga Bing (Rebecca)