Not to be confused in Abbie Fretz, Abby Cadabby, Abbie Chamberlain, Abbie Yeung, Daniel Asquez, Daniel Acevedo, Daniel Cook, or Daniel Vasquez.

Abbie and Daniel first appeared of Imagine and Big.

Age: 9

Side: Toodee,Foofa,Brobee, and Muno

Phrase: Imagine about anything and Big things and small things are fun

8 bit game: Arcade of Doom and Riverboat Racer (Abbie) The Path and Race To The Finish Line (Daniel)

Toy: Party Horn and Plane (Abbie) Trophy and Motorcycle (Daniel)

Music Played In in their toys: Dinopaws and Numberjacks (Abbie) Rocket Race and Festive Balloons (Daniel)